Yes, Anvil took place on Monday

QIC: Fissure

Date: 6/22/2020

PAX: Threeskin, John Doe, Prosciutto

AO: Anvil


Suckily humid. No breeze.


We carried our blocks whilst moseying up to the stadium stopping every 25 yards or so to stretch (michael phelps, iraqi tea time, slerkins, imperial walkers, fwd fold)

The Thang

Twas fate to only have 4 pax today because the home side of the stadium only has four lanes of steps/stairs. They also happen to be quite long for more suckage to come.
We left our blocks at the top of each set of stairs and began the fun at the bottom after turning on some nice yacht rock.
Here’s how it went:
10 regular ol’ merkins, run up the stairs, 10 bent over rows with block, run down the stairs
10 wide merkins aka werkins, run up the stairs, 10 curls, run down
10 incline merkins, run up, 10 front raises, run down
10 decline merkins, run up, 10 overhead presses, run down
rinse and repeat until the Q finished 5 rounds. The skinnest of all 3’s and the Pro’s of all skweeto’s got in a little more than 5 rounds. John Doe may have done 5 or more but I dunno. Sorry, JD.

Next we moved to the bleacher platform at the base of the seats. It was cold and kinda wet and made for a good place to get in some Mary (six inches, flutter kicks, pretzel crunches, crunchy frogs) and a merkin finisher (5 rounds of 10)


F3 workouts are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or cert necessary. We take that principle and apply it to leadership positions within F3. Recently we’ve seen a new nantan, first f q, comz and new site q’s. The guys in attendance know all about that but we chatted for a few about making sure you’re priming the next guy to step up.


John Doe didn’t know Central HS mascot was the purple pounders and now definitely agrees this ao should’ve been named Pound Town. : (

The bathrooms at the top of the stadium smell something terrible

Today marked Prosciutto’s first trip to Anvil. Hopefully it’s the first of many

Shout out to Escobar for the push to get this backblast done. Did the workout really happen if there was no backblast?

Threeskin’s fitbit told him we ran 77 floors of stairs. Woooooot.

Reminder: all are welcome at Anvil


July Fourth convergence at Battlefield 0700

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