WuzntMe Can’t Count and is Proud of it

QIC:  Coldplay

Date: 6/25/2020

PAX: Clothespin, Deep Dish, El Chapo, Three Skin, WuzntMe

AO: The Battery


Cool, Muggy, high-60s


  • Mosey up the hill to the pool parking lot
  • 20 SSH
  • Every Shoulder exercise the QIC could think of (where we learned that WuzntMe can’t count and doesn’t care. QIC had to take over the cadence and the count to support. DeepDish was no help).

The Thang

Once the Pax were warmed up, we started some jukebox exercises:

Song 1 – Roxanne – The Police – The Pax performed Balboas on the curb during the song and a burpee every time “Roxanne” was sung.

The PAX mosed down the hill to the flags for Song 2.

Song 2 – Black Betty – Ram Jam – The Pax performed Flutter Kicks during the song and a Big Boy Sit-up every time “Black Betty” was sung (should have used “Bam-ba-Lam”).

The PAX mosed around the trail to the pavilion for Song 3.

Song 3 – Best of You – Foo Fighters – The Pax performed Step-ups on the picnic tables during the song and a Air Squat every time “Best” was sung.

The PAX mosed back to the flags for Song 4.

Song 4 – Yeah – Joe Nichols – The PAX held high plank during the song and performed a Mountain Climber each time “She” was sung and a Plank Jack each time “Yeah” was sung.

The PAX ran one last lap round the dog park and finished with 6 minutes of Mary, PAX led.


QIC spoke about celebrating ones successes and not focusing on others perceived advantages.


Wuzntme can’t count.


Convergence July4, Parliament official launch on Friday, Daderday July 25, 3rd F on pause until people aren’t crazy.

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