Burpees, Refill PRN

QIC:  Escobar

Date: 06/26/2020

PAX:  Vaccine, Snow Patrol, Chavez, Picabo

AO: Hacksaw


“At least it’s not humid” (92% humidity)


Snow Patrol and I ran 1/2 mile before the workout. Chavez ran around the building 1 time during the 1 minute warning.

The Thang

Used the field next to the parking lot. Spaced out 15 total cones in two lanes to perform exercises at each.

Uhhhh…….. next, we did burpees.

Started at the beginning of every minute. Completed 8 burpees and rested the remainder of the minute while moving to the next station. Rinse and repeat.

I think we got to 200 and then decreased to 7 burpees a minute. Did this for some time and switched back to 8 burpees a minute for the last several rounds. We were going to end with 308 until Snow Patrol Decided to do another 12 in the last minute.

Finished with 320 burpees each. Vaccine’s calculator (big brains) quickly told us the total was 1600 for the group of 5 men.


Find something to laugh at each day. Even if it has to be Dad Jokes. Spread this with others. Laughter helps us, even if only a minute, not feel the burdens that weigh us down. If you can fill your day with laughter, maybe you will float away like Mary Poppins.


This was not the workout I had originally planned. But when it is 5:00 PM the day before your Q and you are the only HC, a modification may be necessary. I’ll get back to the original workout another time.

After deciding to change the workout, Snow Patrol and Chavez texted me saying they were coming. I wasn’t going to change the workout again, so I warned both of them the workout would be full of misery and they would hate me. They both responded by telling me I wasn’t a good salesman. My response, “I sell drugs, people come to me.”

Vaccine and Picabo pulled up right at the start time. I used the 1 minute warm-up to explain to them there would not be a warm up and the plan for the workout. They didn’t look very happy. I almost thought Vaccine was going to leave (completely understandable).

Picabo wrung out his shorts and shirt in the parking lot after the workout; quite the puddle.

When I arrived in the parking lot for the workout, I opened my truck and retrieved a gas can. You should have seen Snow Patrol’s eyes (thinking it was a part of the workout)

Cape Fear did 304 burpees per PAX member; we did 320, so yeah.

John Doe is pretty proud of his burpee records. Well I hold the burpee record for most burpees per PAX member in a single workout. I wouldn’t recommend going to one of his upcoming Qs.

You may be asking yourself why I only had 15 cones since cones are usually sold in packs of 8. Burrito refuses to return my 16th cone.


Same as all of the other recent backblasts.

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