Don’t Be Skerrd

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 06/27/2020

PAX: Blue, Bumblebee, Burrito, Gusher, Pound Dog, Recycle

AO: Reformation


66 degrees and time was on our side


Warm up lap around the Reformed Presybterian Church
*Note: Instead of rep counts, we just let Burrito talk and talk. Between the endless banter, there were slight pauses. That signified a change in exercise. The man has a gift like I have never seen. He also has embraced it. His dolphin has met his daffodil. (#D2X)

William Mayferrington Hayesworth, III’s
Right leg over Left stretch
Left leg over Right stretch
Baby Arm Circles Fwd/Bkwd
Baby Ray Lewis’ (noone died)
Each man grabbed two blocks (for themselves), and we walked down the hill of gratitude. Cones were lined up along the road.

Stopped at each cone:
20 Shrugs

Once we arrived at the bottom it was time for the first part of the “Thang”.

The Thang

Parter up in 3’s and AMRAP with accountable planking partners
For one minute:
1 Pax performs Merkins as many times as possible in a minute; Accountability partner counts reps and planks for said minute. FLAPJACK

1 Pax performs BBSU as many times as possible in a minute; Accountability partner counts reps and planks for said minute. FLAPJACK

Derived from the GoRuck Jerome Gonzalez WOD, named after a Ruck Participant whom tragically died during the Joe Warner Bragg Heavy on February 17, 2018.

The Setup:
1) Partners split up, 1 group runs to bottom of the hill of gratitude, blocks remain at the first stop/cone; Other group walks to top of hill with blocks – this signifies the “end point”
2) Group at bottom of hill runs to first cone performs 10 burpees. Grab blocks, farmer carry to 2nd cone for 10 burpees, farmer carry blocks to third cone for 10 more burpees
4) Meanwhile, group at top of hill performs endless rounds of 10 Flutter Kicks, 10 Mercurial Freddie’s, 10 Little Baby Crunch’s
5) When burpee/hill group arrives at top, switch

2 Rounds was all the time we had for today

1-Ten count

Pax circle up; Should press/Overhead coupon holds and ascending reps around the circle. Stop at 5 reps

Still in circle, Pax do 5 shrugs going around the circle, with 5 second hold at the top on final rep. 2 rounds.


Randomly and anecdotally, I asked each of the pax their thoughts on the hill. Asking specifically, “do you like this hill?”, “Do you hate this hill?”, “What do you hate about it?”. Most agreed, the hill was no fun/difficult/sucked. To my surprise, one pax said, “I love it”… This guy gets it. Aye – Bumblebee! Typical Rucker attitude, ’embracing the suck’

So I’ve learned, the things that we sometimes hate the most are the ones that give us the greatest challenge and reward. We likely see the negative before the positive.

A few weeks back YHC was thrust into a new role at work. A surprise to me and I was not given much time to process it. Over the ensuing days, I wrestled with the new change. It would be more responsibility, longer hours, more time away from family, out of my comfort zone, etc.  Why these feelings of negativity, though? It was a great opportunity, right?

I pondered and thought more on it. The reason it was not favorable (at the outset) to me was because it scared me, it was difficult, how would I succeed, what does success even look like? So many questions. But, alas, the root of the question and the issue was found.

We see obstacles sometimes in fear. We see a hill and worry about the climb, fears creep in like – “can I run this thing?”….  “will it hurt?…” and then convincingly you tell yourself, “it will hurt”. “Will I slow the group down?”. No one wants that kind of negative accountability.

The thought process is very consuming. But, flip the perspective, and the challenge becomes a gracious opportunity.

The hill, even as a challenge, will make you better. Yes, it will make you hurt, but it will make you stronger. That new job/role at work, will stretch your limits and give you a chance to improve/accelerate in your career; offer you a chance to practice your leadership of others and give someone else a chance to be challenged and an opportunity at success. See the difference in the mentality? The perspective.

A reward lies on the other side of every obstacle. Embrace the challenge.  How have you been challenged today, this week, this month? Think better of it. See the positive.


  • We’ve been over this, I’m an idiot. I entered the burpee total wrong (280) this morning and Gusher picks up my six – texts me and asks if I thought that was the right number of burpees (he knew it wasn’t; what a kind and graceful line of questioning). As I opined on his suggestion, I realize, yep, I was 210 burpees off. He then gives me this wonderful explanation of how we arrive at our number from this morning (this was not planned on my behalf).
    • So, each guy did 70 burpees. 7 PAX were there…. 70 x 7 = 490 burpees
    • He tells me that biblically:
      • ’70 x 7 has significance. The Lord said, that’s the number of times we ought to give one another.  Not limited to 490, however. We have a literary device to instruct us to forgive innumerably.’
      • ‘7 Pax. Seven is the number of perfection’
  • Gusher = High Impact; thank you brother
  • It’s fun to hear Recycle regale us of his tales in the Marines Army.  Ranger school and all…
  • 2 Blocks > 1 Block
  • The workout we did today was a memorial WOD – turns out Bumblebee was at the event! His account of the experience was incredible. Grateful to have heard that.
  • I asked the pax, “which is the densest muscle in your body?; hint: it’s a lower body extremity”.. their answer was equally not surprising and amusing. 


July 4th Convergence at Battlefield / Also – Battlefield official Launch. Be there, or be squared

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