Teamwork (something something) Dream Work

QIC:  Escobar

Date: 06/29/2020

PAX: Chavez, Swingset, Lockjaw, Best in Show, Mayhem, Ramrod, Fastlane, D-fib, Slim Shady, WreckedEm, Purple Rain

AO: Beast Ridge


Foggy and Dark. “Humid” should auto-populate in this section when you start typing. No rain, but it was wet.


Short Mosey to the parking lot on near the playground. SSH x 30, Forward Fold x 15, WMH x 16, LBAC x 10, Reverse x 10, Seal Claps x 10, Teapots x 10 each side.

The Thang

Moseyed to soccer field so we could take care of Best in Shows freshly cleaned shoes (Grass is softer than concrete). Formed 4 groups of 3 men each. Within each group, 1 man would perform exercise A while the other 2 men would perform exercise B. Each group would complete the number of reps for exercise A as a team, switching between members at their own discretion. After finishing the total reps in each round, the team ran across the field and back. Hold Plank or Al Gore waiting on the other groups to finish.

Round 1: Exercise A 100 Burpees. Exercise B Reverse Lunges

Round 2: Exercise A 150 Merkins. Exercise B Al Gore

Round 3: Exercise A 200 Squats. Exercise B Plank (high or low)

Round 4: Exercise A 250 Monkey Humpers. Exercise B Reverse Crunch

Round 5: Exercise A 300 Flutter Kicks (only counting Left OR Right leg). Exercise B Plank Jacks

Last minute of the workout: AMRAP LBC (Best in Show request)


Teamwork. We are all part of a team, and in most cases we are members of multiple teams throughout our day. Whether it be your workout group, co-workers, church members, or spouse, we all find ourselves belonging to a team. In most cases, teams are able to accomplish more as a whole than the individual members can alone. Each member has a role within the team, and the team’s success depends on each member working together.

What are your teams? What roles are you playing within your teams? Are your teams failing or succeeding?


Multiple men asked if we would be getting in the grass. Never bring fancy shoes. And if you do, remember you can wash them, again.

Also, when running to the visitor side of the soccer field, don’t be deceived by the red base of the bleachers. It is not a wall, but rather a mesh screen. Don’t try to push against it as if it were a wall.


Convergence on the 4th of July at The Battlefield. Get the info from slack.

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