Parliament Flag Saved us From More Burpees – Anvil (6/29/20)

QIC:  John Doe

Date: 06/29/2020

PAX: Fissure, Vaccine, Ducktales, Venus

AO: Anvil


Summer, summer, summer time….just a perfect morning for some fun


Mosey 400m around the track; SSH – 20 (IC); Willie Mays Hays – 10 (IC); Third Grade Exercises – 10 (IC); Forward Fold – 10 (IC); LBAC – 10 (IC); Rev LBAC – 10 (IC); SSH – 10 (IC)

The Thang

Hopefully it’s hard enough….get your minds out of the gutter. Of course it is, it’s Anvil
Track the Ladder

40 Burpees; 100m sprint

30 Burpees; 200m sprint

20 Burpees; 300m sprint

10 burpees; 400m sprint

5 Merkins; 400m sprint

10 Merkins; 300m sprint

15 Merkins; 200m sprint

20 Merkins; 100m sprint

Walking Lunges for 100m; Sprint back 100m – Rinse & Repeat (each PAX did 2 or 3 rounds)

Closed with Atomic Hammer Sit-ups (Big Boi sit ups but your hands extend all the way to the ground in the down position and all the way to your toes in the up position) – 5, 10, 15, 20


QIC is currently reading Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. The book is based off the battle of Thermopylae and the 2nd invasion of Persia to Greece. This is also the basis of the movie 300. Below is quote that helps paint a picture:

“It is said that on the eve of battle, he was told by a nativeof Trachis that the Persian archers were so numerous that, when they fired their volleys, the mass of arrows blocked out the sun. Dienekes, however, quite undaunted by this prospect, remarked with a laugh, “Good. Then we’ll have our battle in the shade.”

As men, how often do we have our battle in the shade? In the darkness? And alone? There’s going to be battles in the dark, but it’s alot easier when you have a strong support system of men around you. At F3 with work in the darkness of the gloom every morning, but we do it together.

BALL OF MAN: QIC closed us out in prayer


Everyone was soaking wet and sucking wind after this one. Ducktales could possibly give Burrito a run for his money on the ability to talk and exercise the entire workout. Maybe it can be tested at convergence??? Fissure went from slow jams to new age gansta rap with the tunes. The transition was like being woken up with a cold bucket of water. Would’ve preferred the slow jams have stayed home


Convergence on July 4th at Battlefield; F3 Dads at Battery and Landfill on July 25th

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