Picnic Time Part 2

QIC:  DJ Jazzy Jeff Jag

Date: 07/06/2020

PAX: Slim Shady, Lockjaw, Swingset, Lanyard, Ramrod, Fastlane (R), Purple Rain, WreckedEm, Cavity Search

AO: Beast Ridge


Humid, damp, moist, wet, slick, misty, foggy. But not too hot! Count your blessings.


SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

One legged Bulgarians x 10 OYO

Pickle pointers x 10 IC

Helicopters x 10 IC each side

Pickle pounders x 10 IC

SSH x 15 IC

Mosey up the road to the gate, then over to the bottom of a big hill the PAX discovered and clamored to climb. The Q obliged. All PAX ran up the hill and moseyed down, then picked up the 6.

Cut across the fields to the futbol pavilion.

The Thang

Partner up, each pair approaches a picnic table

Box jump x 5 each PAX, onto bench or onto table top

Pick up picnic table, military press overhead x 5

Circuit x 3

Run laps of the soccer field between light poles (probably about 1/2 field) Mosey longitudinal directions, jailbreak latitudinal (sp) directions. Pick up the 6 when done.

Laps x 3

SSH x 15 IC, Proscuitto’s Gold Chain x 15 IC

Repeat picnic table work x 2

Repeat laps x 2

SSH x 15 IC, Proscuitto’s Gold Chain x 15 IC

Repeat picnic x 1

Repeat lap x 1

Mosey back to parking lot


I started with F3 in Atlanta and then came to Chattanooga and found the same community, same experience and was able to pick up where I left off. I encouraged PAX to find a way to be a steady source of support in their circles where people can count on consistent encouragement.


PAX appreciated the discovery of a new hill and the opportunity to incorporate it more in the future.

Fastlane definitely beat his time from Picnic Time Part 1 circa 2019.


F3 Dads @ The Battery and The Landfill 7/25/20 0700

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