Dundee VQ – (7/8 – Shot House)

QIC:  Dundee

Date: 7/8/2020

PAX:  Hasbro, Lloyd, Big Al, Payload, Ponce, Geek Squad, Cleaver, Sherlock, Postman, PE, Magnum, Snatch, Blue, Recycle, Hambone, Nordic Track, Oil Can, Milkman, Gretel, White Lightning, Steam Engine

AO: Shot House


A balmy 74 degrees. No rain from the clouds, but thankfully the humidity helped us create man-made rain on the asphalt.


Began with SSH as is tradition.
Willie Mays Hays to limber up the legs.
Shoulder blasters in honor of Mr. Clean.
Imperial walkers to get those hips involved.
3rd grade exercise to activate the hamstrings and glutes.

The Thang

We couldn’t use the stadium steps, so we had to make our own ladder.
After each round, we Bernie’d to the next light post (about 50 yards) and then a jailbreak back. With each round, we would do the previous round plus add an exercise.

1 – 5 WMDs
2 – 10 Bonnie Blairs
3 – 15 Shoulder Press (with coupon)
4 – 20 Rocky 4’s
5 – 25 upright rows (coupon)
6 – 30 Bobby Hurleys
7 – 35 flutter kicks
8 – 40 lawn mowers (20 each side – coupon)
9 – 45 coupon squats
10 – 50 burpees


In the COT, we talked about Matthew 7:28-29 and what it means to speak with authority. We may speak wisdom, but it is our actions that will either amplify or cancel those words.


A lot of gratitude was shared for how soft the new asphalt parking lot is. The PAX have burpee homework.


It was great to kick off the inaugural workout of VQ Wednesdays at the Shot House. Nordic Track is next up on 7/15.

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