Dora 2000

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 07/15/2020

PAX: Snatch, Sherlock, Milkman, Footloose, Payload, Roomba, Hambone, Mr. Clean, Recycle, Hasbro, Dundee, Blue, Postman, Cleaver, Ponce de Leon, White Lightning, Magnum, FNG-Swinger

AO: Shot House


Tennessee standard humid



LB Arm Circles

LB Arm Circles (reverse)

Forward fold

Willie Mays Hays

8 Count Body Builders

The Thang

Pair up. One member will perform exercises while the other will Mosey to the 50 Yd line and back. Then switch. Counts are cumulative in the team.
Dora 2000

  1.        Lunges x200 (Single Count)
  2.        Merkins x200
  3.        LBC x200
  4.        Overhead Press x200 (Coupon)
  5.        Squats x200 (Coupon)
  6.        Freddie Mercury x200 (Count each left)
  7.        BBS x200
  8.        Monkey Humpers x200
  9.        Curls x200 (coupon)
  10. Shoulder Taps x200 (Count each left)
  11. Extra Credit – Burpees x100


There are three areas of our lives we need to maintain in order to achieve happiness and fulfillment: Our physical health, our mental health, and our spiritual health. Each of these areas of our lives requires intentional growth in order to prevent stagnation. Focusing too much on one area while neglecting the others leads to imbalance. Imbalance can cause issues such as poor health, depression, and unhappiness.

The physical is easiest to talk about, and as F3 is a great place for physical development. Though what one puts into their body has just as much effect as what we get out of our body in these workouts. One can easily out-eat their exercise.

The mental health requires exercise of the mind. Yearning to learn and grow mentally takes intention. Over time, the mind can become strong like our muscles. If you look at some of the greatest minds in the world, they all have one thing in common; the intense desire to continue to learn and expand their minds.

Spiritual health can encompass many things in our lives. Positive influences in our lives can lift our spirits and make us whole. While negative people and circumstances can wear us down over time. Consider what is in your life, and where you spend your time. Are you going to church as often as you want to? Are you spending enough time with your kids?

Make sure your priorities align with your passions, and you will enjoy fulfillment. While balance is needed, having strength in one area can help support the others. Ever thought you could not do any more Merkins until someone comes along and encourages you? Focus on positive influences in your life, and get rid of negative ones. Push your mind like we push our bodies in F3. Try to bring yourself beyond the point of exhaustion. But make sure you allow yourself to rest and recover.


After a prior leg day, many were happy with coupon squats. Plenty of grunting as we took a knee at the end.


Landfill Saturday, July 25 from 7-8 AM. Bring your family!

Friar Tuck VQ tomorrow.

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