Tortoises and Hares in the #Lions-Den

QIC:  Recycle

Date: 7/17/2020

PAX: Hambone, Burrito, Hasbro, Xena, Backfire, U-Turn, Dundee, NordicTrack, Blue, White Lightning, Blindside, Resume, FNG-Pork Chop

AO: Lions Den


Warm (75 degrees) Humid (92%)


FF x10 IC
WMH x10 IC
TGE x10 IC
LOR x10 IC
ROL x10 IC
Rev x10 IC
SSH x20 IC

The Thang

Tortoise and Hare BOMBS

Burpees 50
Overhead Press w/coupon 100
Merkins 150
Big Boy Situps 200
Squats 250

PAX pair up. PAX1 does 10% of total reps and partner starts walking with coupon. After reps completed, PAX1 moseys with coupon to catch up to PAX2. PAX1 then starts walking as PAX2 completes reps. Begin next exercise once total reps are completed.

The Burrito Partner Switch

When partners complete lap around school and reach the start line, PAX will pair up with a new partner for the next lap. PAX should never make two laps in a row with the same partner. PAX AMRAP curls with coupon if waiting on a new partner.

Curls for the girls x10 OYO
Tricep extensions x10 OYO
Curls for the girls x10 OYO
Tricep extensions x10 OYO



“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the terrorist attack on Chattanooga that claimed the lives of 1 Navy sailor and 4 Marines of mine and Nordictrack’s old unit: Mike Battery. There were many memories and tributes yesterday but what I choose to remember about that horrible day is that all five of those men died either shielding others (including civilians in the park) from the terrorist or actively engaging the terrorist with a large firepower disadvantage. All five gave their lives for other Marines and sailors, for other community members, for other humans.

The ultimate sacrifice made by those five men showed true courage and selflessness. Ultimate examples of what it means to Live Third.

Blindside closed us out by leading us in prayer.


No playlist today as we were doing laps around the school.

FNG-Pork Chop is Hambone’s 2.0. We had him questioning our sanity by 0545.

Burrito. That’s it. That’s the comment.

Backfire’s work van has a backup beeper that I bet you could have heard from #Parliament. It’s hilariously loud.

We actually got NordicTrack to go to Hardee’s for coffeeteria! It was a Festivus Miracle!


Daddurday/2.0 Day at #The-Battery canceled–there will be a normal workout there on 7/25 instead.

2.0 Day at #Landfill still on for 7/25

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