Fallen Five Tribute


Date: 07/17/2020

PAX: 17 Total – Black Out, Cold Play, Cow Bell, DNF,  Fiddy Cent, Friar Tuck, Furley, John Doe, Mug Shot, Patrino, Rectum, Snow Patrol, Three Skin, Toe Jelly, Venus, Wood Rider.

AO: Parliment


68 Degrees


Warm up was to mosey to football field and run up across and down the bleachers and to the end zone with short bleachers soft cushy rubber to lay on!!!!  SSH, Forward Fold, Willy Mays Hays, upward dog, downward dog, etc..

The Thang

Tribute to the Fallen Five –  All exercise sets for each fallen hero was done as a group.  Plank or Al Gore was held as we waited for 6 to complete exercise set.

Carson Homquist – 25 – USMC (25 Captain Thor – 1:5 Ratio of BB Situps / American Hammers)  finish with 5 BB Situps and 25 American Hammers.

Randal Smith – 26 – USN (26 Ranger Merkins / 26 Smurf Jacks

Thomas Sullivan – 40 – USMC (40 Tricep Dips / 40 Squats)

Squire “Skip” Wells – 21 – USMC (Super 21 – 1 Merkin / 1 BB Situps up to 21 Merkins / 21 BB Situps) / Worst Merkin Ever – 21 Wide Merkin – 21 Merkin – 21 Diamond Merkin 

David Wyatt – 37 – USMC (37 Dolly’s / 37 WWII Situps)

Mosey around track to bleachers to run up stairs across the top and down at other end of bleachers.  



After count-o-rama and name-o-rama – I spoke of  the young men who lost their lives on July 16, 2015.  Reminded the PAX, that we never know when the end is near, so get right with your faith, your family, and yourself!  

BALL OF MAN: Prayed for our brothers of F3 Chattanooga and those who are going to family health issues.  We also prayed for the leaders of our local, state, and national governments. 


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