If You’re Happy and You Know It Then Your Burpees Will Surely Show It

QIC:  Gusher

Date: 07/18/2020

PAX: Natty Lite, Pound Dog, Recycle, Blue, Hambone, Old School (respect), Burrito, Pratt

AO: Reformation


72 degrees, Wind coming in hot from the west at 1mph, humidity at a balmy 90% sweat index, dew point at 69 degree, pressure 30.13 in, and UV Index at a solid 0. Allergy at a low risk, with Watson predicting that high humidity will dampen allergens and prevent them from circulating. Not sure who Watson is, but YHC applauds his findings of the day’s pollen count at 6 grains per cubic meter of air. Mosquito Index is moderate, Sweat Index comfortable, and Air Quality is at 38 with Micro Dust/PM2.5 (15.03greekmg/m3) Good – with a finding of Air Quality satisfactory with air pollution posing little to no risk – I mean, we are up on a mountain/ridge. Things are purer.


SSH (21IC), Willie Mays Hays (15IC), 3rd Grade (15IC), SSH (21IC), Mosey Lap to get a preview of the course.

AMRAP Circuit of Pure Happiness

Station 1: 10 Burpees and Bear Crawl to next cone

Station 2: 20 Squats and Lunge to next cone

Station 3: 20 Merkins and High Knees to next cone

Station 4: 20 Toe Merkins and Run to next cone

Station 5: 20 Shoulder Taps and Run to next cone

Station 6: 20 BBSU and Bernie to next cone

Station 7: 20 LBC and Run to bottom of hill and back up to station 1 for a repeat.

Each Round the burpee count remains at 10, add one rep to all other stations. Total ground covered per round is (almost) half a mile.


Encouragement is a greater and more effective motivator than discouragement, criticism, or rugged independence. Knowing there are others who positively push us to be persevere and keep going is a great encouragement, especially when there is a desire to give up and quit. This is true in workouts, but also in most other areas of life. Whether it is in the gloom, or at work or home, let us have an eye for others in order to encourage. When that is our default disposition, we will be listened to more effectively when we do need to offer constructive feedback because the person knows we are for them. One of the purposes of today’s workout was to see how each PAX went through an AMRAP circuit while looking out for one another to push each other, rather than just trying to be the guy who lapped everyone. It was truly awesome to see and shows that F3 consists of HIM who work hard but keep an eye on each other. To know you are with others motivating. YHC had the privilege of Qing the same day his brother Q’ed in Lexington, SC with the same circuit. This demonstrates the connectionalism of F3Nation and knowing others were getting better in another gloom was encouraging. Although, we had a better hill. So, F3Chatt wins. Keep an eye out for those in your life to encourage, build up, and spur on to keep grinding. Grateful for the F3 brothers. Quoted Hebrews 12:1-3 – Great cloud of witnesses…those that go on before us leave a testimony to encourage us to run our races well by faith.


YHC absolutely overcome to see how excited everyone was to begin the circuit with burpees. It was a joy to surpass even that of the birth of a firstborn. There was some disappointment that each station added a rep per round except for the burpees. But, if there is one thing about life, it is full of disappointments. There is a lesson there. PAX seem to think that the greatest part of The Hill is going down because it just means there is further distance to run up again. Lots of sweat. Not a lot of banter. Lots of great dudes. Really, there was a copious amount of sweat.


Hambone Birthday Q, Tuesday July 21 – Come out for some Respect.

July 18 Dictionary.com Word of the Day – Catalyst: noun – “a person of thing that precipitates an event or change; a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic” Use in a sentence: The formation of F3 by HIM served as a catalyst to transform sad clowns into HIM who in turn make others around them better.

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