Fallen Five + Two More


Date: 07/18/2020

PAX: 11 Total – Best-In-Show (Respect), Cold Play, Dolly, Fissure, Mayhem, Mug Shot, Pebbles, Purple Rain, Toe Jelly, V-Squared

AO: Battlefield


73 Degrees


Warm up from P/L area around perimeter of park to the pavilion.  SSH, Forward Fold, Willy Mays Hays, upward dog, downward dog, etc..

The Thang

Super Spiderman’s – High Plank to Plank Jack to Hand Release Merkin and back to High Plank (1 Rep) – Do 10 Reps.

High PLURPEE – Start in High Plank.  Bring legs up to squat position while simultaneously releasing hands and then back to High Plank (1 REP) – Do 10 Reps

V-Ups – On Six, extend hands above head and legs extended 6 inches off deck.  Bring hands and legs up simultaneously holding for 1 count and back to start position (1 Rep) – Do 10 Reps.

Squat Saddle Hop – Start upright with legs together and arms to side.  Simultaneously bring arms up to chest (like praying) while legs split to sides and drop down into low squat position then come back to starting position (1 Rep) – Do 10 Reps.

Mercury Oblique’s – On Six with knees slightly bent and hands in sit up position behind head.  Bring left elbow and right knee together holding for 1 count and then back down then bring right elbow and left knee together holding for 1 count and back to start position (1 Rep) – Do 10 Reps.

Mountain Climbers w/Elbow lift – High Plank to Mountain Climbers, left knee to Right Elbow and Right Knee to left elbow and using Rowing Motion bring for both left and right elbow and return to High Plank (1 Rep) – Do 10 Reps.

Kneeling Jumps – Start on knees with body upright and hands in praying position or John McCain’s.  Bring 1 knee up at a time and when second knee comes up jump.  Return to knees (1 Rep) – Do 10 Reps

AYG for 1 lap around park and 5 Burpees.

Rinse and Repeat for another set and another lap around park.

After 2nd round and 2nd lap around park meet under pavilion and proceed to Deck of Pain. 

12 Hand Clap Merkins – 12 WWII Situps – 300 M. Sprint – 13 Chuck Norris Merkins – 14 Carolina Dry Docks – 14 Heels to Heaven – 14 Alternating Side Squat – 15 Standing Lunge – 16 Jumping Lunge – 17 Monkey Humpers – 18 Backward Lunge – 19 High Knees – 19 Low, Slow Squat – 25 Pickle Pointers – 25 Plank Jacks – 25 Mountain Climbers – 25 Squat – 100 Flutter Kicks – 100 SSH  = 483 Reps 



After count-o-rama and name-o-rama – I spoke of  the young men who lost their lives on July 16, 2015.  Reminded the PAX, that we never know when the end is near, so get right with your faith, your family, and yourself!  While we remember the five who lost their lives, there were two wounded that will deal with the trauma and memories the remainder of their lives, thus the reason we added 2 more exercises to make 7 in total.  Many more were effected by this terrorist attack, like the friends and loved ones left behind.  In addition to Carson Holmquist, Randall Smith, Thomas Sullivan, Squire “Skip” Wells, and David Wyatt, we want to remember the other two wounded during the attack.  DeMonte Cheeley, USMC and Police Sergeant Dennis Pedigo.  Let us never forget the tragedy of July 16, 2015.

BALL OF MAN: Prayed for our brothers of F3 Chattanooga and those who are going to family health issues.  We also prayed for the leaders of our local, state, and national governments. 


Seems that some (MugShot and Fissure) didn’t care for the Military Tribute Songs TheCount was using during the workout!!!


2.0 Day cancelled until further notice.

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