12 Rounds of Fun!

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 07/23/2020

PAX: Milkman, Radiohead, Slois Layn, Ducktales, Geek Squad, Mr Clean, Cleaver, Dundee, Gretel, Friar Tuck (respect), White Lightning

AO: Huey


Humid with a slight chance of Bud Light trucks.


Stretches of various types.

Mosey to back parking lot

Arm workout with no breaks between sets:

Littlebaby arm circles
reverse arm circles
seal claps
Moraccan Night Club
Cherry Pickers

Burpees x10 because of 2 Bud Light trucks

The Thang

Begin each round with a Bernie to the opposite side, and a Jail Break back. End each round with a plank until the 6 is in, followed by 10 Merkins.
12 Rounds of Fun

1. BBS x50
2. Bear Crawl to the cones and back.
3. American Hammers x50 (count each left)
4. Pickle Pointers x50
5. Imperial Walkers x50 (count each left)
6. Pickle Pounders x50
7. Overhead Press x75
8. Alternating Shoulder taps x50
9. LBC x50
10. “Skypoint” while in plank x25 (count each left)
11. Leg Raises x25
12. Crab Walk to the cones and back.

With 10 minutes left. Hallelujah Mosey to Picnic area. Play If I had a Million Dollars, by Bare Naked Ladies, 2 rep for every “million dollars”, switch at start of every chorus.

  1. Dips
  2. Reverse Merkins with underside of table.

Mosey to flag for Warm Down Yoga lead by Ducktales and COT.



Time is the great equalizer. The one resource we all have. Time can only be spent, and we can never get more. Time can be an investment in others. How much time we spend with our families, at our job, watching television, or exercising in the Gloom is a choice.

Every person on this planet has a finite amount of time. The amount of money we have has no bearing on how much time we have. The amount of time we put into someone or something is more valuable than everything else. My kids will not remember that time I got a promotion at work, or if my team wins the Super Bowl. They will remember the amount time I invested in them (forced family fun).

The same can be said on time wasted. No one likes to sit in a waiting room, or in a long line. How many times do meetings drag out longer than needed? Ever go to get a drivers license? If someone is willing to use their time, we should be careful not to waste it.

Choose where we invest time wisely. Respect the person that has invested their time in you. Always be on time. Don’t take more time than you need. Thank everyone for their time. To those that came to this workout. Thank you for choosing to spend your time in the Gloom this morning. I appreciate it.


Mr Clean informs me he now has 3 songs he hates because of F3.


Q schedule is available for sign up (Huey) for August.

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