Sgt. Carson Holquist abbreviated

QIC:  Escobar

Date: 07/21/2020

PAX: Deep Dish, Mrs. Baker, Thin Mint, 9Volt, Schnitzel, Black Out, El Chapo, Abercrombie, Woodrider, DNF

AO: The Battery


Overall very pleasant. 71 degrees, 92% humidity (sounds bad), just don’t get close to the asphalt.


Moseyed over to the parking lot near the ball fields. SSH, Forward Fold, WMH, LBAC (forward and reverse), Teapots. Moseyed up to the top of the hill.

The Thang

In honor of Sgt. Carson Holquist (25):

Complete each exercise in order. Goal was 5 rounds (that wasn’t realistic in 35 minutes)

  • True Americans (Merkin to Plank Jack) x 25
  • World War II Sit-Ups x 25 (modify to 100 LBC if desired)
  • Dips x 25
  • Overhead/Seal Clap Combo x 25
  • Burpees x 25


Exodus 34:21 “You are to labor six days but you must rest on the seventh day; you must even rest during plowing and havesting times.

How often do we live by the idea of “we don’t have time to rest”. It’s detrimental. God tells us, even during our busiest days, we must find time to rest.


Hydrangeas are beautiful plants. Their flowers are one of my wife’s favorite. Thankfully I had a receipt from buying one recently in my car, so I could write the exercises on in case I needed a reference (and of course I did).

WuzntMe stole a copy of the workout beforehand. Completed it in his sleep and decided to take the COT to heart and practice resting during the workout.

25 Burpees that leads in to 25 True Americans = sucks.

Laying face down on asphalt for a break in between True Americans would normally not be a problem at 6:00 A.M. But this time it felt like my face was going to melt off.


Can someone tell me if you are actually using backblasts to obtain your news?

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