Opening Day: “Cooooolllld Beer, Peanuts!”

QIC:  Escobar

Date: 07/24/2020

PAX: The Count, Clothespin, Gypsy, Mayhem, Mugshot, Yoshi, Bernie, Rollback, Ramrod, Sousa, Furley, Fiddy Cent, Slim Shady, WreckedEm, FNG-Bandwagon



73 degrees and muggy (like every morning for the past month)


Moseyed from the parking lot to the stack of coupons. Grabbed a coupon, then moseyed back to the grass field east of the parking lot.

The Thang

Cones were set out in the shape of a baseball field (including the outfield fence). The PAX lined-up down the first and third baselines. With a foam bat and ball ready, I was the pitcher. The Count was the catcher since he had a head lamp (or maybe he just wanted to sit on his coupon).

The PAX took turns batting. The outcome of the swing determined the exercise.

  • Home Run: Run around the entire field of cones
  • Hit to outfield: 20 incline merkins, walking lunge to ball with jog back, or bear crawl to ball and back
  • Grounder: 20 merkins, 10 starbursts, 30 monkey humpers, or bunny hop to ball and back
  • Foul ball: 15 divebombers, 20 block squats, or 10 blockees
  • Swing and miss: 5 burpees, 30 block curls, or 90 second plank
  • Grounder that didn’t make it past the pitcher: 10 burpees

Each PAX was able to have 2 at bats before time was called.


Our workouts can become a little repetitive at times so I wanted to mix it up a little and try to have fun while still getting in a good sweat. The same goes for our daily lives. Therefore, I encouraged everyone to find creative ways of doing the same thing every day. Turn the monotony into something fun and new.


The workout started a little slow trying to explain the process, so some of the PAX didn’t think it would be a tough workout. I believe they thought differently by the end.

NO ONE knew the reference “a can of corn”. How??? Baseball is America’s Pastime!!!!

We need a new grounds crew at hacksaw. The ruts in the field past the outfield fence were ankle braking bad.

What EVERYONE in F3 Chatt calls Manmakers, are actually Blockees (shout out to Rollback). Manmakers actually require the use of dumbbells and are worse than Blockees.

Couldn’t find a whiffle ball and bat to purchase at Academy Sports (I mean, for real, how does a sporting goods store not have this in stock), so I purchased a foam bat and ball. There were both dark blue. It’s pretty hard to hit a dark ball in the dark, but luckily we had the headlamp extraordinaire, The Count, to shine a light on the ball.


Hacksaw starts Mondays on August 3rd.

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