Wait, Mondays at Hacksaw…YAY!!!

QIC:  John Doe

Date: 08/03/2020

PAX: Slim Shady, Bandwagon, Black Out, Picabo, Toe Jelly, Baby Shart, Sousa, Escobar, Woodrider, Cold Play, Mr. May, Bernie

AO: Hacksaw


Beautiful clear skies with a smoke show in our midst


SSH – 20 (iC), WMH – 10 (IC), 3rd Grade Exercises – 10 (IC), Forward Fold – 10 (IC), SSH – 20 (IC); 5 Burpees for the Train

The Thang

Protecting those legs for track day
Reppin That Rep
Big Boi Sit Ups – 10

Merkins – 10

Leg Levers – 10

Diamond Merkins – 10

Atomic Sit Ups – 10

Dive Bombers – 10

(Rinse and Repeat until time)

The first 30 minutes we waited on the six before moving on; PAX did various exercises of Burpees, Planks, and SSH while waiting on six

The last 10 minutes was on each PAX to do as many rounds as they could with no rest


Asked each PAX member to take about 30-60 seconds to think of one/two words to describe what F3 means to them. Each member shared their one/two words. Incredible to hear what each person had to say. Brotherhood, Commitment, Accountability, Immediate Inclusion, Inspiration, Comradery to name a few. QIC thanked the PAX for being there and continuing to be there each week. These men are what bring us back

BALL OF MAN: Bernie lead us out in prayer – Keep the Krisp family in your prayers


A lot to unpack here. Cold Play didn’t have to charge for any jokes because all of them were stellar. Good conversation around Britney SPears and Miley Cyrus (finished with Party in The USA). A lot of discussion around that rug burn like mark from too many sit ups on concrete. If you’ve had you know what I’m talking about. As Picabo said, you forget about it until it burns in the shower. What is that called? A tramp stamp? A Butt Cherry? A Chimp Callus?


3rd-F at Chubby’s on Tuesdays; Slackwagon to the 10yr Anny of F3 nation; Parliament Track Tuesdays

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