Judgement Running 101: I’m Not a Professional

QIC:  Escobar

Date: 08/11/2020

PAX: Cavity Search, WoodRider, FNG-Dipstick, Crawdaddy, Rollback, Ramrod, Venus, Picabo, Toe Tag, Sousa, Coldplay, Mr. May, Blackout, John Doe

AO: Parliament


If I said, “Light and airy” would you believe me?


Mosey lap around track, followed by Ray Finkles, Ankle Rotations, then another mosey lap.

The Thang

We Went a Runnin

10 minute timed run for distance. Whistle warning at the 5 minute mark (try to double your distance reached thus far) and whistle warning at the 9 minute mark (finish strong)

1 minute Interval Running: slow jog 1 minute, quick jog 1 minute, run 1 minute. Rinse and repeat 2 more times. (9 total minutes moving) Goal: to always be moving in at least a jog. If you felt you needed to walk during the slow jog interval, then your quick jog or run interval was too fast. Purpose: many of the PAX are new to running and don’t have any idea what pace to run. This helps determine if your pace is too fast for your endurance level.

We Did Some Exercisin

Single Leg Squats x 10 each, Jump Squats x 10, Walking Lunges x 10 each leg

Core Work

Ran out of time for the core.

We Did Some Stretchin: Hard to name these. Just search for runner stretches on the WWW.


Escobar’s keys to being a better runner:

  1. Ease into running if you are just starting out. Make sure to have rest days in between running days.
  2. Jog to warm up and perform most of the stretching post run.
  3. SHOES- get fitted for proper footwear. THIS IS HUUUUGE! (as The Donald would say.)
  4. Combine running with strength exercises
  5. Diversify your training days: Endurance running, Interval running, and Strength Training
  6. Find a Partner (accountability)
  7. Make short/long term goals (run 10 miles per week, or 20 miles per month). Accomplish the goal and increase the goal.
  8. STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE. Core strength is just as important as leg strength.


In true Parliament fashion, there was someone who shall remain nameless (maybe we should call him John Doe) who was a bit of a critic during the workout.

See The John Doe for more advice on running. He likes to run, a lot.


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