The Huey 2 Stations of Fun

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 08/10/2020

PAX: Geek Squad, Llyod, Hasbro, u-turn, Blue, Gretel, Slois Lane, Nordictrack, Friar Tuck, Mr Clean

AO: Huey


Warm and humid.


Fast Walk/Slow Mosey to back parking lot.


Forward Folds

Willie Mays Hays

Little Baby Arm Circles

LBAC Reverse


Burpees (add more for each Bud Light truck)

The Thang

Station 1 is back parking lot.

Station 2 is Picnic tables.

Split Pax between starting stations. Drop coupons at station 1. Complete a set as a group. Mosey to other station (always turn right to take the long way around). Rinse and repeat.
Station to Station at The Huey

Station 1 back parking lotStation 2 picnic tables
Set 1Set A
Curls x25Dips x25
American Hammer x30LBCs x25
Curls x25Dips x25
Set 2Set B
Overhead Press x25Freddie Mercury’s x25
Merkins x25Shoulder Taps x25 (each left)
Overhead Press x25Freddie Mercury’s x25
Set 3Set C
Tricep Extension x25Pickle Pointers x25
Bus Drivers x15Decline Merkins x15
Tricep Extension x25Pickle Pounders x25
Set 4Set D
Kettle Bell Swings x25Mountain Climbers x15 (each left)
Squats with Coupon x25Flutter Kicks x30 (each left)
Kettle Bell Swings x25Mountain Climbers x15 (each left)


Be in the Moment.

To many times we deal with constant distractions. Our phones and other electronics detract our attention in our daily lives. Multitasking is a myth. It has been proven that focusing on one task at a time is more efficient than focusing on 2 or more tasks simultaneously.

Consider your body language with being in the moment. When talking to your wife, your kids, friends, coworkers, and even the cashier you should be in the moment. Nothing says “I don’t care about you” more than looking at your phone when someone is talking to you.


With the level of humidity, we were swimming around the track.


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