Super 21’s with Field Goals

QIC: Laces Out (Respect)

Date: 8/18/20

PAX: AfterBirth, Amber Alert, BumbleBee, Burrito, Gusher, Hambone (Respect), Holy Kiss, Jennie Craig, Pediasure, Pomade, PoundDog, Proscuitto, NattyLight, Red Raider, Truckstop, Shrinkage, Smallmouse, SnowPatrol, FNG-The Grove, FNG-Joanna, FNG-Vienna, FNG-Naked Gun

AO: Smackdown


64 degrees and clear, starry skies


Warm up lap, followed by big circle on the field with:

20 SSH IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 15 SSH IC, 15 Finkle Swings each leg OYO, 15 SSH IC, 10 3rd grade exercise IC, 15 Willie Mays Hayes IC, 15 SSH IC

The Thang

Mosey to the goal line and spread out
Super 21’s with Field Goals
Started with 1 Squat on the goal line, run to the 20 yd line and 20 LBC’s, then Bernie Sanders back to goal line; then 2 Squats, run to the 20 yd line and 19 LBC’s; repeat and rinse until we do 20 Squats and 1 LBC.

After each set of 5 squats, the Pax moved to the 10 yd line and 5 guys took a turn at a field goal attempt (20 yd FG or extra point distance). While the Pax attempted the FG, the remainder of the Pax did an exercise determined by the kicker(squats, merkins, etc). If kicker made the FG, the Pax continued that exercise. If the kicker missed his attempt, there was a 5 burpee penalty for all the Pax!

The Pax made the first 9 of 10 attempts much to the shock of YHC. The Pax did not fare so well after that with more misses than makes!

After 21’s were complete, 5 minutes remained for MARY: 12 Flutterkicks IC, 12 Freddie Mercury IC, 12 American Hammer IC, 10 Hello Dolly IC and 10 Rosalita IC (en espanol)


Darkness versus the Light! 1 John 1:5-10 (read). We began our workout in the darkness of the gloom, including kicking field goals in the dark. Kicking is hard enough in the light! However, as we continued our workout, the sun began to shed light on our efforts. 1 John 1 talks about the difference that the Light of Christ makes in the life of one who puts his faith and trust in Jesus! “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7 Without Christ, we walk in darkness of our sin, but in Christ we walk in the light of his forgiveness.


Convergence on Labor Day to help launch the new AO: Battlefield (Ft O)

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