“You Against You”

QIC:  Mr. Clean & Blindside

Date: 08/19/2020

PAX: Backfire, Flute, Ohms, Rodeo, The Count (Respect, Respect), U-Turn

AO: Lions Den


Somewhere between 70 and suffocating humidity


SSH x50 IC
Modified Shoulder Blaster

The Thang

Let’s work some legs….
Lion Leg Day

Between Each Round. Suicide Burpees 

Run to 1st Light Pole & Complete One Burpee & Return to Start.

Run to 2nd Light Pole & Complete One Burpee & Return to Start

Repeat Until 4th Light Pole & 4 Burpees


10 — Bobby Hurleys 

12 — Coupon Squats

14 — Yoga Squats (feet together)

16 — Pause Squats (pause for a 1 Mississippi hold)

18 — Calf Raises on Block


Repeat Round 1 and ADD↓

20 — Curtsy Squats (10 Each Leg)


Repeat Round 2 and ADD ↓

22 — Rocky Balboas (Count Left Leg)

If Round 3 is completed before Blindside takes the Q, then complete the following : 10 Burpees, 9 Curls, 8 Burpees….Down to 1

Pass the Q to Blindside
11’s Up and Down Hill — Merkins & LBCs


Psalm 11 reminds us the Lord takes care of the righteous, not self-righteous, righteous or the ones who seek Him for strength. Blindside challenged the Pax to continue trusting the Lord. Don’t flee and fall into the shadows. Continue posting with F3 and continue leading in your community. The ultimate challenge comes in differentiating between caution and fear. Use Caution BUT REJECT Fear.
Today’s workout title was developed together. The workout was definitely a “You Against You” type workout. It was just a workout though. When the workout is over, we face the “real” world, we face the angst, we face fear, we face hardships, and we face rejection. Take care to reject the “You Against You” mentality and lean upon the Lord’s Strength.


Both MoneyBall and Blindside were gracious enough to allow me a Q at Lions Den. With school starting back, I am no longer able to post at 0530 start AOs and even miss COTs at our 0515 AOs. However, thanks to these two HIM I was able to both Q and post at an AO very special to me. Thanks to MoneyBall and Blindside for their help. Thanks to the Pax who came out this morning and supported Blindside and me!!

Ohms put a lid on his truck…he needed a place to escape the M.
This is a lot of legs.


Labor Day Convergence. 0700. Detention
(Hixson Community Center — 5401 School Drive, Hixson, TN 37343)

100 Pax is crazy, right? PROVE. ME. WRONG.

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