Life Is Full of Disappointments, but the Music Still Plays So Suck It Up and Keep Moving, And Stuff

QIC:  Gusher

Date: 08/20/2020

PAX: Amber Alert, Prosciutto, Red Raider, Burrito, Whittler, Snow Patrol, Pomade, Shrinkage, Jenny Craig, Joanna, Naked Gun, FNG-H.R., Pediasure, Vienna, Natty Lite, Pound Dog, Hambone, Truckstop

AO: Smackdown


A delicate 65 degrees, with a Nor’ Easterly breeze of 2mph. The algid air meshed well with the 97% humidity, making LBCs on the mildly gelid grass with its 64 degree dew point feel like resting on the cool side of the pillow. The pressure in the air held at a steady and comfortable 29.95. But that is just the mountain ridge air for you. PAX could focus solely on getting better without having to worry about donning sunscreen given that the UV Index came in at 0. YHC is no scientist nor the son of scientist, but figures this is due to the sun’s rising schedule at 7:05am, long after 19 men got better. Who rise before the sun rises? PAX do, that is who. The day’s pollen count measured in at 9 grains per cubic meter of air; this is good news for the body’s natural histamines.


SSH (25IC); Forward Fold and Accompanying Moans from the Assistant to the Regional Q (10IC); WMH (10IC) SSH (25IC); Forward arm circles/Reverse/Ray Lewis (15IC for each); Third Grade Exercise (10IC)

AMR(ounds)AP with Some Burpees in between

Coupons were so strongly recommended for several of the exercises that one could even use the word “required” and not be wrong.

The first round of body movements came with the instruction of 20 reps per exercise. Each successive round decreased the number of reps by one, because if there is a minimum number pertaining to generosity, it would be one. After each exercise the PAX run across the field with glee and perform 5 burpees and return to coupon for next exercise.

Exercises: Curls (x20); Squats (x20); Merkins (x20); LBCs (x20); Block Dips (x20); Bonnie Blairs (x20); V-Ups (x20); Block Press (x20). 5 burpees between each exercise for total of 40 burpees per round. Repeat exercises decreasing rep by one (really, read the instructions; yet, repetition aids learning and all that. Are these things actually read?). The goal: see how many rounds can be completed.


Encouraged the PAX to contemplate contentment. YHC family discussion seasonally addresses the question, “If I just had __________________, then I would be happy.” How would we answer that question and what does it reveal. Paul, in his letter to the Philippians, noted that he experienced times of plenty and times of lack. We think sometimes if we had plenty then we would be content. But Paul says that we have to learn contentment in both situations because contentment is not ultimately about what our circumstances are or what our possessions entail. The antidote to discontentment is gratitude. When we look around and see what our blessings are we can thank the Giver and enjoy what we have and be content in our situations, knowing even hardships are for good. Let’s be men who find it more natural to give thanks for the blessings than it is to focus on what we think is missing.


It appears that all PAX – to a man – view a seemingly endless morning of burpees in five rep increments as quite possibly the greatest blessing of all time. So much so, the speed with which these mighty men executed their exercises in order to be liberated to perform more burpees was excessively shocking, nay, disturbing. It was evident to YHC that a lesson needed to be learned, and that right quickly. You sleep on a teaching opportunity and it will lost forever. A decision must be made and made it was. To the dismay of all and even the outrage of a few, YHC canceled burpees midway through the second round. Leading often involves making tough decisions. Yet, the sooner one learns that life is full of disappointments the better. Disappointment ought not end in quitting; the playlist of life continues. Take your disappointment and turn it into more efficient energy. PAX were very quiet after this, but the silent treatment will not last forever. Regarding the Playlist, there was more disappointment. A special playlist selection was created for Snow Patrol with a song by namesake, Snow Patrol. Yet, the shuffle setting failed to execute said Snow Patrol for Snow Patrol. This was mortifying and discomfiting to the spirit of YHC as it took a good eleven minutes of life that will never be regained searching for a Snow Patrol song that was upbeat enough to serve as a workout song. Again, life and disappointment make for strange bed fellows. Lesson learned.

Vocabulary Lesson: Providentially, “comity” is the word of the day, and despite previously noted disappointment, the morning was characterized by comity, for which the Q is grateful.

Grammar reminder for the day: While the semicolon is often under appreciated, we want to remember not to swing too far on the pendulum with over use. It would not be prudent;;;;;;;neither would it be acceptable in formal writing.


Holy Kiss’ mom made it through a 6.5 hour surgery on 8/19 and is recovering, Keep in prayer.

Labor Day Convergence. See Slack for the details.

The trash receptacle at Smackdown needs to keep its lid shut as the stench emanating carries such a deathly aroma that cannot be forgotten. Seriously, it cannot be unsmelled.

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