War on the Core

QIC:  Mayhem

Date: 08/21/2020

PAX: Jazzy Jag, Ducktales, The Count, Swingset, Lanyard, Purple Rain, Lockjaw, Dolly, White Glove

AO: Ridgecut

Right around 70 with steady light rain. Otherwise pleasant.


Mosey to Parking lot and around far light post to between first two. Circle Up

SSH x 20 IC, Low Self Esteem/Michael Phelps, Weed Eaters, Forward Fold, 4 Count Merkin/Side Planks x 10 IC, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixote (Windmills), Hillbillies, Worlds Greatest Stretch R & L, SSH

Form Two Lines single file starting at 2nd light pole going towards last light pole.Marching

> Marching Hip Closers In Cadence to last Light Pole, Hip Openers back

Same two lines. In pairs perform the following to far light pole while remaining pax hold plank. Next two in line break plank and exercise when previous two are half way. Hold plank at far side until 6 is in.

> High Knees
> Long Skips
> Butt Kickers
> Karaoke
> Jail Break (due to time constraints had to Karaoke out and JB back last time)

The Thang

Remain at 2nd Light Pole
11s – Starfish Crunches/Quadraplex
Mosey between light poles between exercises

Since we didn’t have enough core work – 7 min of Mary as follows:
> Jane Fondas x 15 each side IC
> Heels to Heaven x 10 IC
> Helicopters x 10 ea side IC with intermittent hold called by Q
> Donkey or Sky Kicks x 10 ea side IC with intermittent hold called by Q


Mosey back to flag for Counterama/Namerama


A strong core is what holds everything together. Physically or as a Nation. In F3 , we promote the third F that leaders believe in “something bigger than ourselves”. I call it the Copernican Epiphany when we ultimately realize the world doesn’t revolve around us.
As a nation
that continues to move away from being “under God” (the DNC actually omitted that from The pledge of Allegiance this week at their convention 🙁 we become more selfish and polarized. Consequently, on the extremes of the both the left AND right we find a greater and greater void of true belief in something bigger than self which leads to policy that cares little about our fellow man. As leaders who DO believe, we must be take action to help bring our country back to the middle with a strong common core belief. “A house divided cannot stand”

Prayers for Ducktales two friends, Praise for Lute being home in Chattanooga with Vera Hope, Prayer for our Country!


Jazzy’s knees were a little tender doing the Quadraplex for the 11s which was surprising since I figured he would have some good callouses…from PRAYING so much! 😉


Iron Pax in September, Convergence at Detention on Labor Day 9/7 from 7:00 to 8:00

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