Can you make my legs not work please?

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 08/04/2020

PAX: Postman, hasbro, Dundee, Nordictrack, Blue, Footloose, Friar Tuck, Cleaver, Resume, Milkman, Geek Squad, Ducktales

AO: Huey


74 and muggy


SSH ICX20; Forward Fold ICX12; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX12; Slow Squats ICX15; Mosey around track to pavilion; Grab a table and Step up with high knee X10 each leg; Bench assisted lunge X10 each leg; DEEP Ircans ICX15; Mosey over to bleachers

The Thang

So in my 5+ years of F3 this was the first total leg day I had ever Q’ed. We shall see how it goes
Title of exercises or routine
11s O legs

Right leg behind you on the bleachers – 10 one legged squats – Box Jump up to bleacher and land with a DEEP squat – repeat all the way up to the top – 1 Imperial Squat – Box Jump down and land with a DEEP squat.

Repeat through the 11s until you end with 1 one legged squat on bottom and 10 Imperial Squats on top

Early finishers to parking lot for 20 Gorilla humpers and a short mosey around the lot while we wait for the 6.

We can’t walk crooked, so repeat the 11s with the legs swapped.

Early finishers back to the lot for 20 Gorilla Humpers and another short mosey for the 6.

Mosey back to the pavillion for a quick upper body cause we have to

20 DEEP IRcans IC; 20 DEEP Dercans IC

Mosey back to the flag



Talked about the great growth in F3 over the last couple of years and the growth at the HUEY. Guys are getting out and spreading around the region. Good work done by all


Leg Day was a success. In retrospect, it was rough on me.


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