Anything But Mosey

QIC:  Oil Can

Date: 09/15/2020

PAX: Postman, Snatch, Sherlock, Tasty Cakes, She Shed, Milkman, Hasbro, Big Al, Cleaver, NordicTrack, Gretel, u-Turn

AO: Detention


YHC has been enjoying the cooler mornings of late & we had another one at Detention. Just a few clouds above and not too much dew on the grass.


SSH x 20 IC, WMH x 10 IC, Forward Fold, Imperial Walkers x20 IC, Little Baby Arm Circles Fwd & Reverse x10 IC, Seal Claps x10 IC, Cherry Pickers x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey down to the baseball fields’ parking lot
Split into groups of 4, then the group of four splits into 2 pairs
Half of the group does one exercise per corner, while the other group ‘travels’ to the next corner & back. Pairs then rotate, so the group doing an exercise ‘travel’ and vice versa.

The PAX that are ‘traveling’ can do anything except mosey. Choices include: bernie, bear crawl, crab walk, lunge, karaoke, side shuffle, bunny hop, broad jump, high knees & butt kickers.

Exercises – Pickle Pointers (Home Plate), Squats (1st Base), Pickle Pounders (Center Field), Plank Jacks (3rd Base)

Groups work their way around the diamond & wait until six is in after one lap.

Split up into individual pairs. One person does burpees at home plate, other is ‘traveling’ to first base. Flap jack & hold plank/al gore until six is in.

Mosey back to the parking lot. 3MOM – American Hammers x15 IC, LBCs x15 IC & Flutter Kicks x15 IC. Time.


Spoke about the fires in California, and the seemingly constant series of hurricanes pounding the gulf coast. Recognized the struggles that those people are going through right now, and the affects that those natural disasters will have for many years to come. Followed that up by mentioning that many people in Chattanooga who’s homes were destroyed by the Easter Sunday tornado are still in need of help.


PAX enjoyed the term ‘anything but mosey’ and suggested it should be a theme for Oil Can workouts to come. Credit to u-Turn who woke up just 10 minutes before the start of the beatdown & still arrived just a few minutes late.


No major events on the horizon for F3 Chattanooga. Check out the new AO – Convoy – on the mountain operating Mondays & Saturdays.

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