House of 1,000 Burpees

QIC:  Gretel

Date: 10/31/2022

PAX: U-Turn, NordicTrack, 8 Seconds, Starbucks, Ponce, Boomhauer, Snatch, Sherlock, Shea

AO: Detention


Rained last night so asphalt already wet, then began misting during workout, 60 degrees



5 burpees OYO


5 burpees OYO

3rd grade exercise 10 IC

5 burpees OYO

Forward Fold 10 IC

5 burpees OYO

LBAC forward/backwards 10 each IC

5 burpees OYO

Abe Vigoda 10 IC

5 burpees OYO


(35 burpees each in COP)

The Thang


PAX count off 1-2. Team 1 and Team 2 line up facing one another. Race to do 10 burpees each PAX. Team 2 was the winner and earned the 80# sandbag while Team 1 was weak and only got the 60# sandbag (10 burpees each in EVO #1)

In a Dora fashion, a member of each team will carry their sandbag around the traffic circle at Detention, ~150′ if you stay on the outside lane. The other team members will each complete 100 reps each of aquaman, crab cakes, and chicken peckers. When the sandbag makes its way back around, the next member grabs it and goes around. Rinse and repeat until each member completes their reps.


PAX circle up and perform an ascending burpee with chaser ladder. The exercise is performed as follows: do your burpee, stand up – don’t jump, squat, Bonnie Blair. That’s 1 rep. Ascending ladder up to 10 for a total of 55 burpees with squat and BB chaser.

10 PAX present today @ 100 burpees each = House of 1,000 Burpees


Lessons on leadership can be found anywhere. YHC learned some this past weekend at an archery instructor course. When approaching someone as the authority figure in a teaching moment, start by giving them a specific complement on something they are doing correctly, this opens the door for a productive conversation.


So happy we didn’t do duckwalks today.


Thanksgiving morning Wuzonka Ball at Hill City, stick around and run The Grateful Gobbler 5k afterwards.

Black Friday Wuzonka Ball at Detention – no Shot House that day

Chubby’s ministry ongoing – every Monday except the first Monday of the month, details on #3rd F channel

Recent Backblasts

    The Cock Commander

    QIC:  Prosciutto

    Date: 08/26/2022

    PAX: 8 Seconds, Blindside, Burrito, Dundee, Lyft, Ponce, Sherlock,

    AO: Detention


    Folks, we cannot overlook the first obvious detail. 5:15am startex —


    I mean, like…. What!? in the actual, Same. Greer…. are we doin here friends? This already felt like torture.

    Worse yet, from my third residence (non-primary) Signal Mountain Chalet, I have a 25 minute drive. Translated: I wake up at 4:20am (AMIRITE!?!!?!!! WAKE AND …. SLAY SON! THIS ISN’T COLLEGE) to an alarm that says, “Bruh, I didn’t really want to be the one to tell you this, but it’s time. Wake up king 👑 .”

    So. I woke up. It felt like I fell asleep 30 minutes ago. So, we worked out basically last night and this backblast feels like it’s 24 hours late. #Cobains (obscure lexicon references are sometimes ok)

    In my not-yet-awakened stupor, I surmised that those other AOs operating on a 5:30am startex, “sissy time” – as it shall be called heretofore, aren’t doing hard things any more.

    In comparison, 5:30am now just seems… convenient. What a time to be alive.

    So, I arrive a bit early, 8 Seconds is there already and prepared with planted shovel (!!!), Burrito’s asleep in his car [his non-primary (but closest in proximity to Detention) residence is even further than mine]. I think he just squatted in the parking lot over night. Good move, that.

    The cars are rolling in. The humidity is real, y’all. Nothing relative about this. In this deep, sunken-down hole, often called a “valley”, it is brimming with moisture.

    I’m wearing the ugliest shirt I have and quite possibly the ugliest arrangement of colors on any given color palette known to man. It’s a crime and a sin what “Steve-o” put together for the Renegades in that one and only softball season. I’m embarrassed for myself. Everyone else just feels sad for me.

    “He’s gotta be color-blind, y’all”, one man said.
    Another man chimed in, “His Mom and Dad don’t love him”.
    A third, from out of nowhere said, “PENIS!”

    It was then, that I knew, it was time. Fighting through the tears and the embarrassment, the disclaimer was presented; poorly.


    Forward folds without cadence so that Burrito could say hello to everyone and ensure that he’s seen, inner thigh stretching…ohhh okay Burrito we heard you on the last one, WMH as he continues to interrupt and talk over everyone, arm circles – not the baby kind – this is a 5:15am workout – none of that sophomoric or third-grade nonsense….and scene!

    The Thang

    Mosey to start of what will become a run with merkins, which some would also affectionately refer to as a
    Merkin Mile
    25 merkins every .25 mile, with some backwards walking UP the hills

    Head over to the field to the cone set up; approximately ~15 yards apart
    Ladder with Bunnies Murdered and now Resurrected
    10 SSH at the start line every round, Incremented reps of Burpees per the round
    — Reverse Murder Bunny / Block Pull up the not-so-steep-but-noticeable-mole-hill
    Complementary # of reps in a Clean/Press to John McCain move
    — Rifle carry to start for additional rounds


    Love him or hate him, you cannot deny him and his success. It’s almost college football season, which means everyone’s excited about football. Nick Saban’s program at Alabama is one of the top programs nationally every year. It’s not by surprise, not by mistake. He has a list of values that he requires of his team, coaches, and staff.

    The first value is “Discipline”
    It states that there are two pains in life; the pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you master the former, you’ll not need to concern yourself with the latter.

    Teddy Roosevelt had this to say about discipline:
    “The one quality which sets one man apart from another – the key which lifts one to every aspiration while others are caught up in the mire of mediocrity – is not talent, formal education, nor intellectual brightness – it is self-discipline. With self-discipline all things are possible. Without it, even the simplest goal can seem like the impossible dream.”

    I shared my experience this past Summer, coaching the 9 & 10 year old All-Star baseball team on Signal to a 2nd place district finish among 12 other teams (3rd in the state among 16). We had no business being there and no one expected it since our team was young; 80% 9 year old’s playing against 10 year old competition. But, no one told our team they weren’t expected to amount to much. They were only coached to practice hard, weekly; improving themselves each time they stepped out to play. They were not measured against someone else’s expectations, only their own.

    Despite their coaching, their discipline (not their talent) was what earned a higher than expected finish.

    The daily grind in the moment seems hard – impossible even, at times – but it may be more than your competitor commits to doing. It is through self-discipline that you become your only competitor and you become the standard by which others measure themselves. As TDR said it better than me, “it is the quality that sets one man apart from another”.


    • The Yankee Clipper is legendary; for a lot of things
    • Burrito’s got a great joke about comebacks – ask him about it (privately)
    • Burrito loves Limp Bizkit
    • The last two points may or may not be related
    • Cock Commander
    • Ponce tells me as we’re almost done that he thought we were to do 10 reps on the other side for the entirety of the workout. No, Ponce, it’s a ladder, not suicide. Some say he’s still out at detention right now finishing those reps. Someone please check on him around lunch time.
      As my Grandpa used to tell me, “If you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”
    • and that Ponce fella is tough


    AOQ Passing of the flag Monday at Detention; great job in your leadership Nordic Track. 8 Seconds is awesome and doing things right. Two great men and a well-established future for this group at Detention.

    Recent Backblasts

      No Crying or Bear Crawls in Baseball

      QIC:  Mr. Clean

      Date: 03/28/2022

      PAX: 8 Seconds, Blue, Napoleon, O.B., Ponce, Roomba, She Shed, Sherlock Snatch

      AO: Detention


      Clear. Crisp. Cool. A nice Spring morning.


      SSH x18 IC
      Forward Fold OYO
      Third Grade Exercises x12 IC
      Imperial Walkers x12 IC
      Shoulder Blaster Exercises x12 IC
      SSH x15 IC

      The Thang

      Mosey to the ball fields. Head to home plate on Field 5 for activities to commence.
      7 of Diamonds
      7 Burpees at each base w/Bear Crawl as travel method
      14 Squats at each base w/Side Shuffle as travel method
      21 Merkins at each base w/Bear Crawl as travel method
      28 Monkey Humpers at each base w/mosey as travel method

      We began working our way back down the diamond, but on this trip, we changed it up a bit.
      Running Poles
      28 Monkey Humpers mosey to Right Field Pole
      Complete 28 Monkey Humpers jail break to Left Field Pole
      Complete 28 Monkey Humpers mosey to Home Plate
      Complete 28 Monkey Humpers
      Rinse and repeat the above routine replacing Monkey Humpers with 21 Merkins
      After the Merkin round, we were running short on time so we moseyed to the bottom of Mt. Crushmore…
      14 Squats at the bottom. Sprint to the Top.
      14 Squats at the top. Mosey to the bottom.
      14 Squats at the bottom. Sprint to the top.
      14 Squats at the top. Mosey back to flag.


      Everyone knows the whole “Catch a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish” quote. It’s pretty famous.
      Here is another take I proposed this morning. Every man can certainly learn to fish, and every man should be taught to fish. However, let us remember that not ever man understands/comprehends instructions in which they are given the first time. Let us remember this as we try to teach others to fish. Hopefully, we will remember that we once had trouble learning how to fish, and with this wisdom, we remember to be patient as teach others.
      Most importantly, for those avid fishermen out there, remember that some men need an invitation to the proverbial boat. Do your best to seek out those men to help them learn to fish. Won’t they need to pass it along in the future.
      Yes, there were a lot of metaphors in the COT, but I believed the men firmly understood them and will go forth and use them in their lives.


      “What is our mode of travel for this one?” — Blue
      “Shut up Blue and just run before he gets other ideas.” — Unknown
      “Blue, was that you?” “Yes, I’m ok Snatch.” “I didn’t ask if you were ok Blue, I was just wondering if that was you, but are you ok Blue.” Snatch & Blue upon reaching 2nd Base
      “We are going to print off the pdf. for you so you know there are other exercises that aren’t so hard.” — She Shed
      “You know we only have like 5 minutes, right?” — Lyft (at the bottom of Mt. Crushmore)
      “Hey Clean, thanks for ruining baseball for me!” — Ponce


      4/23/2022 — Poker Run
      07/16/2022 — Fallen Five Event (details forthcoming)
      Chubby’s Ministry

      Dodging the Dog Dude During a Detention Dora

      QIC:  Recycle

      Date: 02/28/2022

      PAX: Nordictrack, Blue, White Lightning, 8 Seconds, Sherlock, Lyft, O.B., Shake N Bake, Ponce (RESPECT)

      AO: Detention


      33 degrees at the disclaimer. Dry. Finally.


      Grab coupons and mosey to the lower parking lot near the Church fields.

      SSH x20 IC
      FF OYO
      LOR OYO
      ROL OYO
      WMH x10 IC
      TGE x10 IC
      MCPU x10 IC
      LBAC x10 IC
      Rev x10 IC
      CP x10 IC
      SSH x15 IC

      The Thang

      BOMBS Dora
      Partner up. Partner one counts reps, partner two rifle carries to the first parking lot line, does 10 Curls For The Girls™ and rifle carries back. Partner one then rifle carries to the 2nd line and swap continuing one more line each time.

      Burpees x100
      Overhead Press x150
      Merkins x200
      Big Boi Situps x250
      Squats x300

      Back to the flag

      Flutter kicks x20 IC
      Pickle pointers x20 in varying cadence



      Reminder: You matter

      Never underestimate the power of your story. You might be changing someone’s life just by being you!


      Playlist: Godsmack, Staind, The Black Crowes, Alice In Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Franz Ferdinand, Ugly Kid Joe

      Great to see White Lightning back out in the gloom!

      If you plan on a beatdown in the parking lot near the church fields at Detention, be prepared for the dude with the dogs to drive right through the middle of it. Those dogs gotta crap, and there is only one patch of grass they will go and only one way to get there.


      Monday Chubby’s Homeless ministry. Check the #3rd-f channel.

      4th F Weekend coming up. See #4th-f-weekend for all the info.

      March Merkin Madness starts 3/1. Do merkins!

      Recent Backblasts

        Modification for Leg Day

        QIC:  Mr. Clean

        Date: 02/25/2022

        PAX: 8 Seconds, Blindside, Dundee, Recycle, Roomba 

        AO: Detention 


        61 degrees. Misty.


        SSH x25 IC
        Forward Fold OYO
        Static Stretching
        Willie Mays Hayes x15 IC

        The Thang

        Mosey to the bottom of Mt. Crushmore.
        7 of Diamonds (modified)
        Bottom of Hill — 7 Burpees w/3 Merkins & 3 Plank Jacks
        Run up Mt. Crushmore
        Top of Hill — 14 Lunges Hard Count
        Bear Crawl Across Top of Hill
        Top of Hill — 21 Squats
        Run down Mt. Crushmore
        Bottom of Hill — 28 Monkey Humpers
        Bear Crawl to Start of Routine
        Rinse and Repeat Routine doubling rep count at each stop.

        20 Rows under pavilion
        Run to football field
        2 Leg Raises
        During travel: stop and complete 20 Imperial Walkers on the way, and 20 SSHs on the return
        Majority of Pax completed 9 rounds, and we returned to the start.


        In planning a workout, I look at the HC list at late as the morning of, and when I do so, I make every attempt to make necessary changes to develop a workout to push the most “in shape” guy. This will probably, at some point, push me back to the Six. That’s ok. My job is not always to lead from the front. My job is to make sure every man that makes the commitment to come to my Q gets his “money’s worth”. Maybe my thinking here is wrong, but it will not change. Each man deserves the opportunity to work as hard as possible at an F3 workout.

        The Jester is loud, obnoxious, entertaining, funny, boisterous…these words describe something that is easy to identify.
        Blindspots are hidden, unrecognizable, difficult to identity, disguised…these words describe something that is not easily identified.
        Guardrails are designed to protect, strengthen ones ability toward advancement.
        Make sure when Guardrails are built they focus on those Blindspots even more than that Jester. Those hidden areas that only a ShieldLock can identify. Make sure those have Guardrails.


        “This is what you call modifying down for legs?” — Dundee
        “Hey, I said audible…not modification.” — Mr. Clean
        “I have exactly 2 days to get ripped.” — Dundee (again)
        “This sucks” — Possibly all of us at one point


        Recent Backblasts

          Blue Takes a Tour of Detention

          QIC:  Blue

          Date: 01-03-2022

          PAX: Lyft, Mr. Clean, Nordic Track, Ponce, Roomba, 8 Seconds

          AO: Detention


          A very windy morning with some snow & sleet. 28º with a FEELSLIKE of 16º.


          Warm up consisted of a Mosey around close to the entirety of Detention. Made stops along the way to complete

          • 2 x 5 Burpees OYO
          • 2 x 10 Squats OYO
          • 2 x 10 Thrusters OYO
          • 2 x 10 Merkins OYO
          • 2 x 10 Thrusters OYO
          • 2 x 10 Squats OYO

          Started at the flag and finished at the flag. Procured coupons and walked over to turnaround loop for the community center.

          The Thang

          BLUE’s Q LADDER

          • 5 Resurrection Burpees
          • 10 Merkins
          • 15 Imperial Walkers (hard count)
          • 20 Straight Leg Deadlifts
          • 25 Squats
          • 30 Bent Over Rows
          • 35 SSH’s

          At the completion of each “rung” of the ladder, mosey a lap around the parking lot. Stay together as a group.



          We as people, humans, etc always want to “label” other people. We feel the almost innate need to put a label on something to place it in a neat and tidy box. We also tend to try and label ourselves to determine who we are deep down. STOP!!!! Are you what you do for work? Are you your faith? Are you your family? What defines you? What one word can you think of that would sum up the essence of who you are? Just something to think about as you go through your day.


          The wind was super breathtaking, literally.


          YHC is on Q again tomorrow at Huey, if you dare to try a Blue’s Q round 2!!!

          Recent Backblasts

            Rifle Carries for Gretel

            QIC:  Recycle

            Date: 11/15/2021

            PAX: Nordictrack, Shake N Bake, Gretel, Ponce (RESPECT), Snatch, OB, Sherlock

            AO: Detention


            A brisk 39 degrees. Too cold for fingerless gloves.


            SSH x20 IC
            FF OYO
            LOR OYO
            ROL OYO
            WMH x10 IC
            TGE x11 IC
            MCPU x10 IC
            LBAC x10 IC
            Rev x10 IC
            OP x10 IC
            MNC x10 IC
            OC x10 IC
            SC x10 IC
            Hummingbirds x10 IC
            SSH x10 IC

            The Thang

            PAX count off into 1s and 2s. 1s start at the bottom of the stairs, 2s at the top.

            20 Curls for the Girls –> 1
            1 Tricep Extensions –> 20

            Rifle carry the stairs in between sets.

            Run the steps with no coupon when complete until 6 is in.

            Mini Dora

            PAX pair up. Partner 1 counts reps, Partner 2 rifle carries around Detention Island™.

            25 Burpees
            50 Overhead Press
            75 Merkins
            100 Big Boi Situps



            Make your mental health a priority. Too many men neglect themselves prioritizing their families, jobs, etc. We all have those things in our lives that take our focus and energy….make sure one of those priorities is YOU.

            I didn’t post much in October with Fall Break and just general laziness and I could tell a difference in my attitude and demeanor. I need you men to keep me right and I appreciate your presence in the gloom more than you know!


            Playlist: Van Halen, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Outkast, U2, Nirvana

            What temperature is the sweet spot for fingerless gloves? Shake N Bake has some thoughts.

            Gretel worked shoulders yesterday. And today.

            Snatch (Stache) did GREAT this morning. He really did.

            Speaking of great, Ponce once again ran circles around us. The Fountain of Youth, indeed.


            Chubby’s BBQ homeless ministry tonight and most Mondays. Keep up on the #3rdF channel.

            @Lyft VQ on Wednesday at Shot House!

            Recent Backblasts

              NordicTrack Birthday Q

              QIC:  NordicTrack

              Date: 05/10/2021

              PAX: Blue, Bobbitt, Daisy, Dangler, Dundee, Friar Tuck, Gretel, Heisenberg, Hoser, Knievel, Mr. Clean, Roomba, Shameless, Slois Lane, Snatch, U-turn

              AO: Detention


              Humid and cool, 63 F.


              Various stretching exercises. Some burpees. Nothing amazing here.

              The Thang

              Sprinting Ladders
              One lap around the baseball fields.

              Each lap builds on the first lap, so do the exercises from the previous laps at each station.

              Begin each lap with 20 Merkins.

              4 stations around the track. Jailbreak to each station. Stop and do the exercises.

              Everything should be hard count

              Complete the lap On Your own, then return and pickup the 6. The last person to finish a lap should have every other Pax with them.

              Station 1

              Lap 1 – 10 Burpees

              Lap 2 – 20 Merkins

              Lap 3 – 20 Shoulder Taps

              Station 2

              Lap 1 – 15 Pull-ups

              Lap 2 – 30 dips

              Lap 3 – 20 Decline Merkins

              Station 3

              Lap 1 – 20 BBS

              Lap 2 – 30 Pickle Pointers

              Lap 3 – 20 Leg Raises

              Station 4

              Lap 1 – 30 Toe Merkins

              Lap 2 – 30 Monkey Humpers

              Lap 3 – Squats

              We did not finish lap 3 due to time.


              Hebrews 12:11

              “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”

              Practicing discipline can lead to results, but achieving discipline is hard. My personal journey has progressed because others in F3 have helped push me, and drive me to be better. Thank you to all my F3 brothers for making me a better man.


              I found a pair of Silkies that have an Eagle sporting a mullet.


              QIC:  Mr. Clean

              Date: 05/03/2021

              PAX: Band Camp, Blue, Bobbitt, Cleaver, Daisy, Dundee, FNG- Knievel, Nordic Track, Snatch, FNG-Shameless, U-Turn

              AO: Detention 


              60’s. Skies were unpredictable. Radar was showing beautiful hues of reds, greens, and oranges. We did not fall into this path until the BOM commenced.


              SSH x50 IC
              Willie Mays Hays x15 IC
              Forward Fold

              The Thang

              Divided into two teams.
              One Pax farmer carried coupons to a point while the rest of the Pax completed an exercise. Every Pax had to complete 50 Merkins before the next Pax took off with farmer carries.
              Second Round was a rinse and repeat with squats.

              Teams stayed together. Team had to block bear around the circle. Pax not bear crawling were completing an Indian Run. Pax could switch at any point to relieve the other Pax.


              Intentionality: Make sure you are intentional in forming relationships with your fellow F3 Brothers and maintaining your Concentrica.


              TWSS….it’s just kind of common at Detention


              [Fill in News, Upcoming Q’s, Events, etc.]

              Recent Backblasts

                This One Time, at Cinco de Mayo…

                QIC: Bandcamp

                DATE: Cinco de Mayo 2021 (ay ay ay!)

                PAX: She Shed, Ponce de Leon (Respect), Cleaver, Ringwald, Mr. Clean, Ohms, U-Turn, Snatch, Dundee, Bobbit, Shameless, Hoser, FNG-Dangler, Blue, Daisy

                AO: Detention


                Warm, wet, and dark. Like a big bowl of Mexican mole sauce.


                5 SSH’s in cadence

                5 Merkins in cadence

                5 Mountain Climbers in cadence

                5 SSH’s in cadence

                5 (10) Willy Maze Haze

                20 seconds forward fold OYO

                5 SSH’s in cadence

                5 seal claps in cadence

                5 Michael Phelps in cadence

                20 seconds of Cobra OYO

                20 seconds of Toe Merkins OYO

                The Thang

                Let’s Eat Some Chips!

                Play “Llego el Pavo” by Silvio Mora

                1. Run in place (dancing optional)

                2. Each time the singer gobbles, rolls his r’s, or the trumpets play the theme everyone drops and does a Merkin or deep squat-to-vertical power jump (your choice)

                Note: speed and quick recovery is key

                Don’t forget the guac!

                Slice and Chop the onions, avocado, jalapeño and tomato: 30 seconds of Freddy Mercuries

                Mince the garlic: 30 seconds of Little Baby Crunches

                Grill the ingredients: 15 seconds of swimmers then flip over for 15 seconds of flutter kicks

                Carve out the avocado meat: 30 seconds of American hammers

                Crush the ingredients together: 30 seconds of Big Boy Sit-ups

                Add some chili powder, salt and lime: 30 seconds of shoulder touch planks

                Make as much guac as needed (we did 3 rounds)

                Dinner Time!

                Ask what people want to order, then everyone completes 40 of each exercise

                Taco: V-up

                Burrito: 180 degrees jumping spins (arms tucked in)

                Enchilada: jumping lunges (each leg)

                Tamale: wide arm Merkins

                Empanadas: deep squats

                Horchata: narrow arm Merkins

                Roasted Street Corn: overhead seal claps

                Mole: heel touches (lying down on back) each side

                Rice: mountain climbers (each leg)

                Beans: side straddle hops

                Margarita: fast windmills (each side)

                Churros: High knees (each leg)

                Sopaipillas: 2 single 20-second Merkins

                Mexican Trivia!

                Everyone holds plank in a circle. Trivia questions are asked…if the answer is guessed incorrectly, the penalty is that everyone performs 5 burpees and returns to their previous position. If the question is answered correctly, everyone alternates to a squat or back to plank.

                1. What is the unofficial anthem of Mexico?

                Cielito Lindo

                2. What does Cinco de Mayo commemorate?

                Victory of the Battle of Puebla

                3. What does this word mean in English: fuego


                4. How many states does Mexico have?


                5. What are the colors of the Mexican flag?

                Green, white, and red

                6. In what year did Mexico gain its independence?


                7. Roughly how many pounds of avocados are purchased for Cinco de Mayo every year?

                87 million

                8. What is the capitol of Mexico?

                Mexico City

                9. El Paso’s neighboring Mexican city is?


                10. What is the national dish of Mexico?


                Finish off with some more chips!

                Play La Bamba by Los Lobos

                1. Everybody run in place

                2. Every time Bamba is said, everyone does a Merkin or deep squat-to-vertical power jump

                Extra Time

                We had 1 minute of extra time, so we did 10 pickle pointers in cadence


                Each of us is in charge of establishing our personal culture. (When I say personal culture, in this context I mean the characteristics that people associate with those in your area of influence, such as hard-working or athletic.) If we’re married, if we have kids, or even if we’re just working or schooling in our community, we each hold the responsibility of driving the culture for those around us. That means we stand against things we believe are wrong, and stand up for things we believe are right. See something, say something. Our personal culture directly impacts others. We have to set the culture of excellence in our daily lives, plant those seeds of good so that others can reap the benefits later. That’s what the American founding fathers did. Philippians 2:4 speaks to this: Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also the interests of others. That’s an example of culture-building. If we’re going to be High Impact Men, we have to establish a bold culture of good in our homes and workplaces. But that doesn’t mean we have to re-invent the wheel: we can pull in good ideas from other cultures (such as things other leaders do) and keep out bad ones (like being lazy). In the end if we’re leaders we are also the gatekeepers and shepherds of cultural ideals to those God placed in our lives. As a Christian, I look to Jesus Christ’s example of living and try (most often terribly) at emulating what He said and did. Building our culture is a responsibility but also a privilege that we hone every day when we wake up, and being here this morning is a great example of culture-building in the community. It’s part of being a leader, being an HIM, and building a legacy.


                Ohms came in at 0530 (like most location start times) instead of 0515, but then he lapped everybody on the exercises so I think he gets a pass. Some gringos actually know a few things about Mexican trivia…I was impressed.

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