210 rep 6-pack burner (Day after Iron Pax beatdown)

QIC: Sousa

Date: 9-16-20

PAX: Mayhem, Ramrod, Bandwagon, Jailbait, Bonzai, Toe Jelly, Wuzn’t me, Blackout, and Slim Shady


It was a beautiful morning with a slight breeze, humidity was low, probably in high 60’s to lower 70’s.


Side straddle hop 20 count
Forward Fold 10 count
Willie Mayes Hayes 15 count
Side Straddle Hop 20 count
Don Quixotes-15 count
Third Grade exercise- 15 count
Little baby arm circles -20 count
Reverse-20 count
Plank jacks 20-count OYO

Listened to Rockin Robin sung by the one and only Michael Jackson and did a big boy sit-up when he mentioned “Rockin Robin” or any bird species ie. Buzzard, Oriole, etc.

The Thang

60 LBC’s
50 American Hammers easy count
40 plank jacks
30 Box-cutters
20 big boy sit-ups
10- Dive Bombers
-Mosie around walk path, Rinse and Repeat until time is up


I shared with the PAX an awesome definition of what Authentic Manhood truly is and should be. The definition comes from a men’s study I am doing with some guys from Church. It defines manhood as “Courageously following God’s word, Loving and Protecting God’s Woman, Excelling at God’s work, and Bettering God’s World. I was able to point out that F3 gets to play a small role in that it is Bettering God’s world through the invigoration of male community leadership, but that it continues into each aspect mentioned in the definition.
BALL OF MAN: Continued praying for Vera Hope (Lutefisk’s baby girl) on her road to recovery and praising the Lord she is back home. We also lifted up Mayhem’s good friend in Columbus, OH who is having family and Marital issues, that God would mend and restore those bonds that have been broken.


I underestimated this workout from the start. I wanted to create a challenge for non Iron PAX participants but also provide a “lighter” option for those who did participate. The result was an “ab burner” of a workout that challenged all PAX, and ended up working more parts of the body than just the core!


3rd-F ministry through Chubby‘s is in full swing, and needs guys to help.