Just a little warm up @ Smackdown

QIC: Pound Dog

Date: September 15, 2020

PAX: Recycle, Hambone, Burritto, Red Raider, Pomade, Holy Kiss, Laces Out, Napoleon – FNG, Snow Patrol, Johanna, Natty Light, Gusher

AO: Smackdown


Breezy and 64 degrees


Mosey around the track

SSH-10 OYO; FF-10 IC, WMH-10 IC, SSH-15 OYO, LBAC-10 IC, SC-10 IC, SSH-20 OYO; IW-10 IC, SSH-30 OYO


Merkin mile-4x around the track, 20 merkins to start, then 20 close grip merkins halfway, back to start and squat until the six is in, then 20 squats OYO.

In between each time around the track, we did the following:

Dead lift with blocks-10 OYO, dead lift with blocks and toes pointed out-10 OYO, dead lift with block with toes pointed in-10 OYO

Curls with block-30 OYO then 5 star jumps, 25 OYO then 5 star jumps, 20 OYO then 5 star jumps, 15 OYO then 5 star jumps

With Partners:

25 BBS and other partner planks and then switch until you reach 100 BBS, flutter kicks until six is in

25 overhead press with block and other partner planks and then switch until you reach 100 overhead presses, flutter kicks until six is in

After the last round of the merkin mile, 30 walking lungs, then 50 toe merkins, mosey back to blocks

LBCs, FM, BBS until time


Leave no man motto is unique. Taken from the military, but the origins can likely be traced to the Bible. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 states “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” We all agree during a workout to pick up the six and leave no man behind, but how are we doing with that motto outside of F3? In our homes, churches, employment, etc. Encourage others and pick up the six in F3 and outside of F3.


Convoy on Mondays and Saturdays at Signal Mountain High School parking lot. Ironpax on Thursday will be on the track at Signal Mountain High School.