Chiller, Whiller, Thiller- Tribute to “Thriller”

QIC:  Sousa

Date: 11/30/21

PAX: Dundee, Ducktales, Blue, NordicTrack, Roomba, Doogie, Sherlock, 8 Seconds, Milkman, Hoverround, Oil Change, Slois Lane, Starbucks, U-turn



A chiller for sure, frigid, dry, but 42 degrees at startex.


SSH- 25 count

Forward Fold- OYO

Shoulder blasters consisting of Lil baby arm circles, front and reverse, Moroccan

nightclubs, seal claps, Chinooks

SSH- 25 count

Third Grade exercise

Willie Mays Hayes

5 Burpees

The Thang

THRILLER. Today marks 29 years since the famous Thriller Album was released by Michael Jackson. To start the Thang, Pax did heel touches to the rhythm of The Title song, and each time “Thriller” was sung, we did 2 Big boy sit ups. Intro and outro included, the song was only 6 minutes long. The PAX groaned and moaned, but WE ALL GOT BETTER!

T- The Wolverine- 10

H- High Knees- 50

R- Q mistakenly left this portion out. Q error

I- Indian Run- 2 groups

L LBFC’s- 50

L- LT. Dangers- 30

E- E2k- 50- 25 each side

R- Rosalitas- 30

Took a lap at end of round. Started rinse and repeat cycle but time was called.


I encouraged each man to challenge themselves daily. We are called to be better men, and every day we don’t improve, we take steps backwards. Whether its spiritually, mentally, or physically, we need to constantly find ways to get better. This applies in our families, with friends, at work, and any where we have a presence.


Thriller turned into “Thiller”, after somehow forgetting basic elementary school spelling and omitting the R portion of the beatdown. Some PAX may call it “Whiller”, as Wolverine can be taken as such, or “The Wolverine” which I pulled from the exicon. All in all, PAX were thrilled, and the chill wore off by the end of the beat down.


Chubbys BBQ homeless ministry Mondays (except first of month), @5:30. Big items with cold weather are jackets, blankets, socks, and batteries.

Continued prayers for Captain Wafer and family as daughter, Lorelei, is battling Leukemia. Currently in Houston I believe being treated.

A Little Bit of everything and the importance of a Cornerstone!

QIC:  Sousa

Date: 07/24/21

PAX: Ramrod, AOL, MIA, Nutbuster, Mr. Burns

AO: Legacy


Pleasantly Humid, but overall a nice morning for a stroll through the park


SSH- 25

Third Grade exercise- 25

Forward FOld- OYO (For Threeskin)

Abe Vigoda’s-10

Lil Baby arm circles- 20


Seal-claps- 20


Chinooks- 10


The Thang

Round 1- All PAX did an exercise at the Q’s calling while a single PAX rifle carried a block across a dark and wet field, did 5 blockees and returned to pass the block to the next PAX.

Once all PAX had rifled carried, we began round 2

Round 2- All PAX did a variety of exercises incuding toe merkins while passing a block. A single Pax power skipped across the field and did 10 Ranger Merkins before returning. Once all Pax had power skipped, Round 3 began.

Round 3- More variety of exercises this time at calling of some PAX who had some preferences, Pickle Pointers and Pounders to name a few. This round we also planked and moved the single block around in the circle. Sousa’s Golden brick withstood the friction and rough pavement BUT DID NOT BREAK!!! The single PAX this round Jail broke across the field, did 10 Mountain Goats, and returned. Once All Pax Jail broke. The 2nd half of THE THANG began.

2nd Part of the Thang-

We enjoyed a mini ladder consisting of 10 burpees, 20 merkins, and 40 LBC’s with a lap in between each addition.

We also had just enough time to do 1 minute Wall sits with 10 second breaks while passing the block around (Triibute to Money Ball).

The mumblechatter while doing this portion of the beatdown consisted of sharing the importance of a cornerstone in any structure. without it, the building would crumble, or be structurally misaligned. I equated this with men needing to be the cornerstone to other men and encourage them to step up and encourage their guys to step up lead and so on so forth.


I shared the importance of a cornerstone in a structure while we were doing wall sits on the corner of the beautiful Heritage House at Heritage Park. Legacy was founded on the principle of extending a bridge to other men to help them not lead just each other, but their families, peers, co-workers, etc. I also reminded them of my faith in Christ and how without Jesus as my cornerstone I would be nothing, and I would crumble and fall. F3 has alot of cornerstone men that consistently drive other men to be the best they can. I encouraged the PAX to strive for that goal! To encourage and push those sad clowns that may be in their lives. Because as a cornerstone is built upon, a single block turns into a beautiful structure that is pleasing to the eye, and serves a purpose to the comunity. Likewise, a cornerstone HIM starts out, and as he brings other men he begins to grow a legacy that can’t be broken once built up!


No 7 layer burrito’s for Sousa so the mumble chatter consisted of positive encouragement rather than terrible disgust from the aftermath of the burrito!


Captain Wafer Convergence on 8-14-21 for a fundraiser to support his daughter who is battling leukimia.

Park Clean up day on 7-31-21 with Mr. Clean on Q. 6am beatdown, 7am coffeteria fellowship, and 8am-12pm Mulching and painting at Heritage Park where Legacy meets. We would love to see as many HIM there as possible to help service our community!

Recent Backblasts

    Sousarama Tour Launch 4-24-21

    QIC:  Sousa

    Date: 04-24-2021

    PAX: Pink Panther, Rocket Man

    AO: Landfill


    It rained the whole time, but wasn’t completely miserable as we did do a portion of the beatdown under a nice covered pavilion.


    SSH- 20 count

    5 burpees

    SSH- 30 count

    10 burpees

    SSH- 40 count

    20 burpees

    Forward Fold into a downward dog, and into a cobra or upward dog position and back

    World’s greatest Stretch- 15 count each side

    The Thang


    There were 4 stations with 1 workout per station. Each round increased the reps of the exercise by 4 reps per round.

    Station 1 (Sousa’s) was in the pavilion with station 2 (Blockees) down the hill in another pavilion, station 3 (Derkins) down the path by a lamp post and station 4 (Squat Thrusts) back where station 1 was under the pavilion. This was the course each round.

    Round 1: 10 Sousa’s, 10 Blockees, 10 derkins and 10 squat thrusts

    Round 2: 15 Sousa’s, 15 Blockees, 15 derkins and 15 squat thrusts

    Round 3: 20 Sousa’s, 20 Blockees, 20 derkins and 20 squat thrusts

    Round 4: 25 Sousa’s, 25 Blockees, 25 derkins and 25 squat thrusts


    With the launch of this mini tour that was delayed by Covid, I Reminded the men that with Spring Cleaning being a thing of physical cleaning, we as men could help clean ours and others lives with a little old fashion male community leadership. Whether leading their family, coworkers, or simply putting the EH on a friend, these are all ways to invigorate the male community leadership that we strive to achieve each and every day.


    There is nothing like three guys working out soaking wet in a park with rocks and cinderblocks. Eye Contact is necessary.


    Recurring Chubby’s 3rd-f opportunity Mondays at 5:30

    Return of Ramrod and Sousa

    QIC:  Sousa and Ramrod

    Date: 04/10/2021

    PAX: AOL, Oui Oui, Shawshank, The Count, Mayhem, M.I.A, FNG “Bob Ross”, 

    AO: Legacy


    Light mist in the air with plenty of mud puddles to keep you wet!


    SSH- 20 count
    Forward fold- 10 count
    Third grade exercise- 15 count
    Worlds greatest stretch- 10 count each side
    SSH- 30 count
    Circle Burp: until Pax have each done three burpees

    The Thang

    Incline Merkins on barn- 25
    Jump ups- 10
    Squats- 25
    Derkins- 25
    Burpees- 5
    As many rounds as possible. Between each round do a lap around the park.

    *Rinse and Repeat, same set of exercises each round


    Ramrod shared some great advice with the PAX this morning. HE talked about how in life men try to take the safe way out, whether its in work, at home, etc. His challenge to us this morning was to challenge ourselves to be better. Don’t always take the easy way out, but choose a route where we can learn and grow and become better men, better Christians, and better husbands and fathers.


    Wasn’t sure if my FNG “Bob Ross” would show, but sure enough about 15 minutes into the beatdown he came moseying in looking for me! He said when he showed up, he thought I had lied to him and didn’t think it was real. After the beatdown, he finally realized F3 is no hoax, it is in fact a great organization.


    Check out the Calendy link in Slack to help take care of Night Sweats Family through lawn care. $30 will cover someone they have on retainer to get the work done, or you can personally sign up for a slot to help meet this need.

    Day after Easter Beatdown!

    QIC:  Sousa

    Date: 04/05/2021

    PAX: Ramrod, Radar, Escobar, Toe Tag, AOL, M.I.A., Mothballs, Tatonka, Wax Off, Top ‘Em, Bernie

    AO: Hacksaw


    A beautiful cold morning!


    Mosey to the park:

    Third Grade exercise- 10 count

    Worlds greatest stretch- 10 count both sides

    SSH- 25 count

    Forward Fold- Silent 10 count

    The Thang

    We set up a filed with cones marking boundaries.

    We then split into teams of 6. We played ultimate football (ultimate frisbee with a football, often called speed ball).

    Simply put, whoever scored picked the other teams exercise, but still had to do half of whatever they prescribed to the other team.

    This way we were all getting a good beatdown.

    There were burpees, Squats, monkey humpers, merkins, diamond merkins, and a plethora of other excruciating exercises to start our Monday off well!


    In light of Easter this past weekend, often times the day Christ died is attributed with mourning, pain, and affliction. But when Christ rose on the third day, there was victory, rejoicing, and glory in the Son of God. If Christ had never risen, we would not know happiness, and joy. This morning’s beatdown was designed to be fun, and still active. It’s ok to have fun, and enjoy the things God has blessed us with, because he died and forgave us all so we could live eternally with him. It was great to add some competition and fellowship with the HIM that came out!


    The Q, also the author of this BB, participated in his first 5k5a, so he was extremely winded, but enjoyed the aftermath of getting 2.5 miles in and then leading the charge through a creative and Purple Rain inspired beatdown!


    Habitat for Humanity slots are filled for 4-17.

    Park cleanup This coming Saturday at Legacy with an 8am beatdown scheduled and 9am-12pm cleanup. Waivers will be provided day of, and masks required since it is through the City of Chattanooga.

    Sousa’s Monday “Fun”-Day

    QIC:  Sousa

    Date: 02/22/2021

    PAX: Ramrod, White Glove, John Doe, Radar, Purple Rain

    AO: Beast Ridge


    Light Drizzle with plenty of puddles to make you blow a tire.


    SSH- 20 count

    SSH- 30 count

    SSH- 40 count

    Forward Fold- Slow 10 count

    Third Grade Exercise- 10 count

    Bonnie Blairs in Cadence- 10 count hard count

    World’s Greatest Stretch- 10 count both sides

    Monkey Humpers- 15 count

    The Thang

    “Something Fun”

    Start with an Indian Run, Run toward Front of park and circle back

    Once Back, 10 Burpees

    Another Indian Run, Once back 9 burpees,

    Rinse and Repeat until down to 1 burpee.


    We rolled the workout dice, after each man had a roll, we took a lap, we got through about two rounds of this before Time was up!


    Sometimes in life you have to do something fun. I don’t just mean do something different to make things more enjoyable or to simply pass the time, I mean something fun that is exciting and genuinely brings joy to your soul. This may be bringing donuts home to the kids, it may mean taking a day off work just to be dad and spend time with your family. It may be planning a day trip, weekend trip, or 7 day vacation. Be wise with your spending but allow yourself to have a good time occasionally and don’t worry about spending a little money. If you are wise and are good stewards with your money, regardless of what you make you should have some fun money budgeted in anyways. Have fun, and enjoy life the responsibly the way we were designed to do. The Thang sucked at first, so the audible was “Strategically placed” to allow for some “fun” even in the wet gloom!


    Called some audibles on warmup exercises. We may have almost gotten hit by a couple different cars, but luckily there were some “real leaders” there that prevented this from happening as my young and reckless Q style almost cost us a couple PAX. Lesson learned “Always run against traffic, never with!” and Lesson understood moving forward! All in all, it was a great beatdown to start off the week!


    Jump on the 3rd-f channel and get involved with Chubby’s Homeless Ministry every Monday at 5:30 pm!

    Return of the Sousa’s and a few other Treats!

    QIC:  Sousa

    Date: 1/13/21

    PAX: Ramrod, Blackout, Meow Mix, Cavity Search, WreckEm, and Tatonka

    AO: Parliament


    Col, Icy, and very slippery


    Mosey to Practice Football Field for Warmup

    SSH- 20 count

    Forward Fold- slow 10 count (OYO)

    Third Grade Exercise- 10 count

    World’s greatest stretch- 10 count both sides

    Lil Baby arm circles both sides- 15 count each

    Pickle Pointers in cadence- 15 count

    Pickle pounders in cadence 15 count

    SSH- 20 count

    Circle Burp! (Because of only 7 PAX, we did this 3 times through)

    The Thang

    Partner up:

    The Thang:

    Round 1:

    Partner 1 begin murder bunnies toward fifty

    Partner 2 Carry Block to Fifty and come back to where Partner 1 made it to and Swap

    Partner 1 now Carries block to 50 and returns to where Partner 2 got to.

    Wherever you guys are as a team, rifle carry block to fifty-yard line even if you have already passed it. Fifty Yard line is starting point for Round 2. In place you owe 10 Derkins, 10 Sousa’s, and 5 Blockees.

    Round 2:

    Beginning on Fifty yard line,

    Partner 1 begin Lunges with Block (If you make it to goal line simply turn around and back toward fifty)

    Partner 2 Rifle Carry Block (ruck or mosey) to other goal line, and come back to where Partner 1 made it to and Swap.

    Partner 1 now rifle carries block to goal line and back to where Partner 2 Lunges to.  This time, wherever you are, both PAX murder bunny to Other goal line which is starting point for Round 3. In place you owe 10 Squat Thrusts, 15 Grave Diggers and 20 LBC’s easy count.

    There Should be time left, so Rinse and Repeat going back toward original Beginning Goal  Line so Round 3 begins on opposite Goal Line and Round 4 would begin on Fifty again and so on so forth.  THE GOAL IS FOUR ROUNDS BUT MORE IF POSSIBLE.


    In life its hard to walk it alone, it’s always good to have friends or a single friend even who you can find confidence in and trust. This workout today hopefully simulated the importance of doing something with another person doing it right there with you. The first F of F3 is fitness and while this is what brings us to the gloom, The 2nd F of Fellowship is what holds the workouts together and encourages more men to come out time and time again. Without the Fellowship, the Fitness is pointless almost. Find that man that is struggling and encourage him. Find that man who is doing well and encourage him to encourage others. This does not exist without High Impact Men like yourselves. Stay connected and Stay accountable!

    ‘Two Are Better Than One, For If Either Of Them Falls, One Can Help The Other Up’ – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


    It was quite cold in the gloom this morning and thought we might lose a man or two to frost bite. All in all, it was a great early morn in the Gloom!


    3rd-f Monday evening at Chubby’s is in full swing and in need of volunteers. Get involved in the 3rd-f channel.

    We are still praying for El-Chapo and his family. He is back in town but brother has terminal cancer in California.

    Continued praying for our nation and our nation’s leaders.

    6 packs and 6 counts: A core shredding Beatdown!

    QIC:  Sousa

    Date: 1-8-21

    PAX: AOL, Mothballs, Rollback, Bernie, Toe Tag, Oui Oui, Seagull, Mayhem, Bonsai, Escobar, Slim Shady, Ramrod, Uncle Joe,

    AO: Hacksaw


    Bitterly Cold in the mid 30’s with a light rain but LARGE puddles.


    Mosey to parking lot across from playground
    SSH- 20 count
    Forward Fold- slow 10 count
    Iraqi teatime- Slow 10 count
    Slow Count Merkin- 10 count
    Forward Fold- Slow 10 count
    World’s greatest stretch- Both sides 10 count each
    Third grade exercise- 10 count
    SSH- 21’s *5 penalty burpees if we don’t end together

    Mosey to the Commons under the cover of a beautiful and conveniently placed dry coverage awning.

    The Thang

    6 Packs and 6 counts
    6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 rounds:
    1. Big Boys

    1. Scissor Kicks Hard count
    2. Freddie Mercuries Hard Count
    3. LBC’s Hard Count
    4. Leg Lifts
    5. Hello Dollys Hard count
      *Perform each exercise as a 6 count
      At end of each Round:
      Round 1- 20 Air squats good form jog around parking lot and back
      Round 2- 20 Merkins jog around parking lot
      Round 3- 10 burpees jog around parking lot
      Round 4- 10 Jungle boy jumps jog around parking lot
      Round 5- 20 monkey humpers jog around parking lot
      Round 6- 20 pickle pointers jog around parking lot
      *Hold Al Gore till 6 is in between each round
      *Rinse and Repeat till time


    Today we did core, and while a core burnout was much needed, there is a reason
    behind the choice of beatdown today. Often in life, we as men are faced with decisions
    that we do not want to make and would rather completely avoid, skip or hide from.
    Sometimes we go through seasons of life where we have problems in our marriages,
    with our kids, parents, work, church etc, and it is hard to see the end of the tunnel. Guys
    when this happens, sometimes we must have the guts to stand up for whats right, and
    to do what isn’t the easiest, but whats right. Sometimes, we have to do whats wrong in
    the eyes of people to do whats right in the eyes of God. As we strengthened our core
    today, a strong physical core is not as important as a strong spiritual, mental, or
    emotional core, and I hope you strengthen that core for when Life throws you a
    curveball when you were sitting fastball. That’ all I got today. Make sure your Core is
    strengthened for those tough times.

    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going 
    1 Peter 3:15 ESV
    But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to
    make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in
    you; yet do it with gentleness and respect


    Had to cut out Round 5 and go straight to 6 for time sakes. Originally planned to be in the grass, but per the PAX, and dryer option was present so we took advantage.


    Continued Prayers for El Chapo and his little brother who has terminal Cancer.

    One Monday a month 3rd-F at Chubby’s needs volunteers so jump on the 3rd-f channel.

    Bonsai has multiple third round job interviews. Prayer for strength and wisdom through these processes. Big answers to prayers thus far.

    Honor the Vets!!!!!

    QIC:  Sousa

    Date: 11/11/2020 Veterans Day!!

    PAX: Clothespin, Ramrod, Menudo, Escobar, FNG “M.I.A.”, Picabo, Oui Oui.

    AO: Hacksaw


    A terribly humid morning that turned into a monsoon early on in the beatdown. It did eventually settle down, but as the saying goes, you only get wet once.


    Initial Quote: “The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude”

    Currently about 17 million veterans in the U.S.

    There are about 2.4 million men and women serving actively or in reserve in the Military.

    Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. (and Space Force as I was reminded!)

    “We don’t know them all, but we owe them all”

    Side Straddle hop in cadence- 17 count

    Forward fold a little quicker because…17 count

    Willie Mays Hayes- 17 count

    Side Straddle Hop in cadence- 17 count

    Shoulder Blasters- Lil baby arm circles- 17 count

    Reverse Little Baby arm circles- 17 count

    Moroccan Night Clubs- 17 count

    Cherry Pickers- 17 count

    Seal Claps- 17 count


    17 burpees to honor the Veterans who have served our country courageously.

    RECOVER!!!! Get 2 ten counts

    The Thang

    “On the 11 hours of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year in 1918 an official armistice day, or cessation of hostilities was declared between the allied nations and Germany during WWI. In 1938 it became a federal Holiday in the U.S. After WWII and Korean War, it was officially declared “Veterans Day”.

    All Together in a group:

    5 Rounds for Each branch of the military:

    “Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage, and the soul” -Michel de Montaigne

    Round 1: 11 Merkins, 11 Big Boys, 11 Squats, 11 Mountain Climbers hard count, and 11 Burpees

    Hold Plank till 6 is in

    “The Willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude”

    Round 2: 11 Lunges both legs, 11 Shoulder Taps hard counts, 11 Carolina Dry Dogs, 11 Crucible Merkins, 11 Jungle Boy Jumps

    “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live them” -JFK

    Round 3: 11 American Hammers hard count, 11 Diamond Merkins, 11 LBC’s hard count, 11 Bobby Hurley’s, 11 Bonnie Blairs.

    “We remember those who were called upon to give all a person can give, and we remember those who were prepared to make that sacrifice if it were demanded of them in the line of duty, though it never was. Most of all, we remember the devotion and gallantry with which all of them ennobled their nation as they became champions of a noble cause”-Ronald Reagan

    Round 4: 11 Freddie Mercuries hard count, 11 Plank Jacks hard count, 11 Clerkins, 11 Crab Cakes (demo) easy count, 11 Crab Jacks.

    “Our veterans accepted the responsibility to defend America and uphold our values when duty called.” -Bill Shuster

    Round 5: 11 Werkins, 11 Crab Humpers, 11 Hello Dolly’s, 11 Daniel Son’s (Demo) “If do right, none can defend”- Mr. Miyagi., 11 Gas Pumps hard count.


    Galatians 5:1 “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit to a yoke of slavery.” Just as we are free as Americans because of those who served, we are also even more free in Christ, as Christians, since he shed his blood on the cross for all our sins. Not a day should go by that we do not thank him, praise him, and honor him, just has he gave his life as a sacrifice for us to live free. Context of verse: Paul is talking to the Church in Galatia about walking by the spirit.


    We slopped around like pigs in a sty in the sidewalk puddles and I thought a time or two we may lose a man or two to the 3 foot trenches of rain water.


    Beer Run- 11-14-20 at Abercrombie’s Place

    Praying for El Chapo’s brother who is battling cancer and his own personal surgery.

    3rd-f is going strong, and can still use volunteers through the end of the year!

    “And one day at Band Camp….”(Introducing the Sousa!)

    QIC:  Sousa

    Date: 10/28/2020

    PAX: Mayhem, Escobar, Bonsai, El Chapo, and Slim Shady.

    AO: Hacksaw


    Started out fairly mild and then the Great Heavens opened up and blessed us with a blanket of rain.


    With block: Mosie to flagpole

    10 Don Quixote’s

    10 pushups slow count in cadence

    10 jungle boy jumps OYO

    20 Side Straddle Hops in cadence

    World’s greatest stretch- 10 count both sides

    20 Side Straddle hops in cadence

    Third grade exercise- 15 count Forward fold slow count- 10 count

    The Thang

    As many times as there is time

    With block: Brisk Walk to pickle ball courts with block on our backs

    5 stations:

    Station 1: 10 Burpees

    Station 2: Carry Block and do 20 Sousa’s*

    Station 3: 30 Sousa Lunges (15 each leg)

    Station 4: 40 Lil Baby crunches

    Station 5: 50 Toe Merkins with block

    Rinse and Repeat

    *Definition of a Sousa: Start with feet squatting length apart with block hanging vertical, pull block up to eye level and rotate wrists back imitating a horns up movement in a marching band, perform squat, rotate wrists back down so block is vertical and at eye level, and drop block back down to hanging between legs for one rep. This was inspired from my name of Sousa which I was given as I marched in High School and College and met my M in it in College. “And one day at band camp…”


    I encouraged these fine HIIM to set goals in life and do everything they could to achieve them. I told them they should write them down, and set smaller goals or objectives to reach them. I also shared that if we take care of the small things in life, the big things will take care of themselves. It doesn’t matter what walk of life we are in, or what our social status, age, or physical fitness level is. We all dream, and setting goals and objectives to achieve our dreams is what turns dreams into a reality. It doesn’t have to be big goals, it can be as little as reading ten pages of a book per day and increasing every month until you can read multiple books in a month.


    Called a bit of an audible as I had originally planned to run the Thang on the pickle ball courts, but Mayhem suggested we may damage the surface with our block party. It was a good call and we ran the Thang in the neighboring parking lot.


    F3 beer run is coming up, check out the beer run channel for more news there.

    3rd-F is in full swing and in need of volunteers, remember it only takes one person being helped to start making a difference in the community.