Salt in the Post IP Wounds

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 09/16/2020

PAX: Cavity search, Coldplay, John Doe, Woodrider, Wreckedem, Meow Mix

AO: Parliament


Real, real nice. Fall is upon us


SSH, fwd fold, iraqi tea time, tea pots, SSH

The Thang

Orange cones marked off 100ish yards on both the straightaways on the track
Yellow cones were also setup on the first straightaway every 25 yards for 125 yards

Beginning at the first straightaway we performed burpee broad jumps for 100 yards, mosey’d the first curve, bear crawled the next straightaway 100 yards and mosey’d the next curve until we reached the first yellow cone to begin ladders on the rest of the yellow cones. 7 total stops.
After ladders we started it all over again at the first orange cone for more burpee broad jumps. On and on until time is called. Everyone complated two total rounds with a few getting another 50 yards of the burps/broad jumps.

Circled up.
20 big boi situps, then 18, then 16 down to 2. A couple finished these in the grass.
20 leg lifts, then 18, then 16 down to 10. Most finished these in the grass.
20 big boi situps. Woodrider and Cavity Search never left the track because they are TOUGH.


Major kudos to John Doe and Coldplay for stepping up to lead Parliament. F3 hasn’t grown to this size by some magical force of nature. Growth happens when the atom splits over and over and it takes guys like those two.


All the guys except the Q did Iron Pax week 3 the day before. Beasts! Also oops.

Cavity Search asked if we were enjoying our FIA workout in the grass. Solid burn.


Stay tuned for F3 Chattanooga 4th anniversary plans

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