QIC: Clothespin

Date: 09-23-2020

PAX: Bandwagon, Slim Shady, Mayhem, Bernie, Oui Oui, Abercrombie, Cataract

AO: Hacksaw


Nice Weather for a mosey! The fall feeling is upon us!


Mosey to the big flag at Veterans Park and circle up.
SSH – 20 IC
Forward Fold – 20 IC
WMH – 12 IC
Baby Arm Circles forward – 12 IC
Baby Arm Circles reverse – 12 IC
Seal Claps – 10 IC
Overhead Claps – 10 IC

The Thang

With all the cracking bones and creaking men I thought they needed a break.
Iron PAX Recovery
Mosey with pain stations: Mosey 2 minutes stop and do an exercise
Merkins 20
Squats 20
Divebombers 15
Freddie Mercuries 20 each leg
Lunges 10 each leg
Gorilla Humpers 30 IC
Stop at pavilion do 20 incline Merkins and 20 Toe Merkins
continue on back to Dominoes for Mary
BBS- 20
Leg Lifts – 20
Pickle Pointers – 20
Jane Fonda’s 20 each side
Forward fold in to a plank last 30 seconds


Don’t be like me. Marriage is give and take I couldn’t let something go with my M last night and it should have been nothing. Don’t let the little things cloud your judgement on the bigger picture.
[The “COT” aka the “CIRCLE OF TRUST” is the terminating stage of each Workout, wherein the PAX form a circle and conduct Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man.
BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


I am sure that the two men that passed us on the Greenway this morning think we are a gay cult….


Coldpaly at The Battery tomorrow, Keep Escobar in your prayers for his knee to recover, remember our nation!
We moseyed a little over 2 miles in the workout!

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