Good People

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 09/23/2020

PAX: Cleaver, Tasty Cakes, Roomba, Geek Squad, Snatch, Lloyd, Big Al, Footloose, U-Turn, Milkman, Magnum, Hobo

AO: Detention 


It was absolutely amazing. Crisp, Fall air. YHC actually wore a pullover and at some point mentioned something being cold. Even though it was a workout, the smells from the air made it seems as though BBQing and football (c’mon Pac-12 you can still join) being here will make everything right.


Forward Fold OYO
Willie Mays Hays x15 IC
High Knees X15 IC

The Thang

Today was a day of combination, an effort to combine pieces of the month’s Ironpax into a single workout. Of course, both form and times were accurate. Video worthy really, but we didn’t want to embarrass anyone…

The Thang

Capri Lap Around Community Center Track

50 Leg Raises OYO

Run a Loop


Plank for the Six

Late for Class Loop

10 Thrusters

Rifle Carry to cone & 10 Blockees

Rifle Carry back to Start & 10 Thrusters

Rifle Carry to Cone & 15 Weighted Squats

Rifle Carry back to Start & 10 Thrusters

Rifle Carry to Cone & 20 Bench Presses

Rifle Carry Back To Starting Position

Tardy Track Routine

Run a Lap

Complete 50 Merkins

Run a Lap

Complete 40 Bent Over Rows

Run a Lap 

Complete 30 Merkins

Run a Lap

Complete 20 Bent Over Rows

Run a Lap

Unfortunately, we did not get to the Principal’s Parking Lot. Looks like the Den Men will get that on the 12th….


Today is my son’s birthday. I chose to workout and Q for a very specific reason. When Parker asks, “Daddy, what made you workout on my birthday.” I can confidently answer, “Parker, I understand the importance of surrounding myself with good people.” Hopefully, he will take this lesson as he goes through life, the Pax recognize how I feel about them, and they also strive to follow that same path: surrounding themselves with good people.


Detention offers training to work the poll.
“Poll dancing is great exercise.” We are all still curious how Lloyd knows this.
Wonder what kind exercise comes from working a pole.


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