Hambone and Burrito Said My Last Q Was Too Easy So RIP Your Shoulders

QIC:  Recycle

Date: 10/7/2020

PAX: Burrito, Hambone (RESPECT), Dundee, NordicTrack, Gretel, Snow Patrol, Mr Clean, Jenny Craig, Heisenberg, CAT5, FNG-Beaver (RESPECT)

AO: Detention


57 degrees at the disclaimer. A light fog hung over Detention Loop.


SSH x20 IC
WMH x12 IC
TGE x12 IC
Rev x12 IC
SC x12 IC
OC x12 IC
MNC x12 IC
OP x12 IC
SSH x15 IC

The Thang

Rifle Carry Detention Loop

Lap 1: Four stops – 5 blockees at each stop

Lap 2: Four stops – 10 lunges (the hard way) at each stop

Lap 3: Four stops – 15 incline merkins at each stop

Lap 4: Four stops – 20 monkey humpers at each stop

A little musical cool down: Flower by Moby

On “Green Sally Up” do a Curl for the Girls and hold it
On “Green Sally Down” lower the block to 90 degrees and hold it



The QIC has been reading the F3 Q Source. I highly recommend you dive in!

In our journey to Get Right, it is important to understand that man’s fitness – his King – begins with his body.

Man’s body is the most fundamental piece of physical equipment. He must get it and keep it in the normal upright position at all times if he wants to be effective. The body is made to be used. Much like farmland, if a man’s body lies fallow, it will not produce a good crop. But if the body is carefully tended, it will produce a bounty of Preparedness.

Our goal of exercising is not to get good at exercising. The goal of the King is to constantly increase 3S2T: speed, strength, stamina, physical toughness and mental toughness. These are the aspects of your physical kingdom that enable you to do the things that you must do to be a leader. There is no best or only way to accelerate 3S2T. Your King is more than likely different than my King. What is true for all of us though is that this works better as a group rather than as individuals.

Your diet is your Queen. Your Queen is an integral part of your journey to getting right. Just like in chess, if your queen is taken off the board, it is not long before your King finds himself checkmated. No matter how hard you try, you are not going to out king your queen. What you eat may not often be in your control, but how much you eat is always in your control. Diets and calorie counting are not always sustainable, but portion control is.

Your King and Queen are the first two components of your daily Royalty Race toward proper personal alignment.


Jenny Craig was back just a few short days after surgery. Happy to report we didn’t pop any stitches.

Did you know you can see Mars if you look up?

It’s close to Uranus.

We are really close to just having Snow Patrol read a book out loud just to hear his accent.

5 Signal Mountain guys at #Detention this morning. And we all carried our own blocks!


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