Rifle Carry Doras

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 10/12/2020

PAX: Dundee, Cleaver, Snatch, Roomba, Gretel

AO: Detention


Warm @ 70 deg. Very humid and wet.


Laps around the park. Stop at each corner and do an exercise (or 2).


Forward Fold


LB Arm Circles



Pull ups

Various Stretches

The Thang

Can be done in groups of 3 or 4. Pax (A and B) on each end will do an exercise that is counted cumulative with the group. Pax C (and D) will Rifle Carry between A and B. They will hand off count and resume the exercise they were doing.
Rifle Doras
Group A

Curls – 300

Overhead Press – 300

Arm Extension – 300

Bent over row – 300


Group B

Squats (with coupon) – 300

Hammers (with coupon) – 300

Toe Merkins (with coupon) – 300

BBS – 300


Henry Kissinger while Secretary of State under Richard Nixon.

One day, his chief of staff once handed in a report he had written on an aspect of foreign policy. When Kissinger received the report, he asked simply, “Is this your best work?” The chief thought for a moment and, worried that his boss would think the report was not good enough, responded, “Mr. Kissinger, I think I can do better.” So Kissinger gave the report back. Two weeks later the chief turned in the revised report. Kissinger kept it for a week and then sent it back with a note that said, “Are you sure this is your best work?” Realizing that something must have been missing, the chief once again rewrote the report. This time when he handed the report to his boss, he said “Mr. Kissinger, this is my best work.” Hearing that, Kissinger replied, “Then this time I will read your report.”

Some thoughts to consider: If you are not doing your “best work.” The question to ask yourself is why? Do you have value for what you are doing? If it is not worth doing well, is it worth doing?

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