Meat And Potatoes

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 10/22/2020

PAX: Ringwald, Dolly, Pebbles, Jenny Craig, Burrito, FNG-Wuhan, FNG-Crystal, Skitch, Cupid, Chief, Lutefisk, Beaver, Oil Can, Sunshine, She Shed, Rodeo, White Glove, Captain Wafer, Bjorn, Blindside, Sunscreen

AO: Hill City


Low 60s and pleasant. Plenty of dew on the grass


Mosey to Coolidge, circled up in the center of the field
SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
Fwd Fold x 10 IC
Iraqi tea time x 10 IC
Slow n low squats x 10 IC
SSH x 25 IC
Slerkins x 10 IC
Teapots x 10 IC
SSH x 10 IC

The Thang

Spread out around the big circle in Coolidge
Burpee Broad jumps x 15 then Squats x 10, Merkins x 10, Big Boi situps x 10
rinse and repeat until you complete the entire circle
Run the loop for the six
When time called circled up in the middle of the grass again for Mary


Big boi situps x 20, x 18
Burrito to the center to tell jokes for a minute while we did more situps
Big Boi situps x 14
Flutterkicks x 15 IC twice

Mosey back to flag


Sometimes I’ll search for “this day in history” to find inspiration for some words of wisdom during the COT. Today I shared the story of PFC Milton Olive, the first African American man to receive the Medal of Honor in Vietnam.


Burrito agreed to show up and abandon his Signal Mountain Amigos if he could have the floor to tell jokes at some point during the workout. So thankful for him.

Rodeo determined that this workout isn’t his cup of tea about half way around the circle of burpee broad jumps

Our first FNG works for the CDC and got named Wuhan. The other, Crystal, once got stopped in the airport by security because some salt in his luggage was mistaken for crystal meth. Both pretty good ones.

Iron Butt describes my kind of workouts as meat and potatoes. Basic and simple. I like it.


Networking lunch at the Holiday Inn downtown 11/6 check slack networking channel

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