Lazy Doras 10/22

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 10/22/2020

PAX: Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Dundee, Ducktales, Roomba, Radiohead, Friar Tuck

AO: The Huey


61, foggy.


Drop the coupons at the picnic tables. Do a few laps with some exercises mixed in.

The Thang

Do as a team. Coupon needed. Switch at 1/10 the total reps needed. Only the P1 exercises count. The P2 exercises are in lieu of running.
Lazy Dora 2400

200 MerkinsToe Merkins
200 Freddie Mercury’s (each left)Little Baby Arm Circles
200 Overhead PressPickle Pointers
200 BBSHigh Plank
100 Decline MerkinsDips
200 Leg LiftsLow Plank
200 Squats (with coupon)Leg lift hold at 6″
200 Bent Over RowsImperial Walkers
200 CurlsPickle Pounders
200 Shoulder Taps (each left)Supermans
100 BurpeesMoracan Night Club
200 Monkey HumpersSide Straddle Hops


Concept taken from Freed to Lead:

As men when we become adults we forget how to make friends. Most men that I know have very few close, male friends (if any). Having another man to confide in, to share in “the struggle” we call life is needed. This was one of the foundational reasons that F3 became so popular. The friends you have are like a target. The closer to the center, the smaller the number of friends, but the closer those friends are. Many of us have friends in the outer rings. Our co-workers, our neighbors, etc. I encourage you to review your friends. If you do not have anyone in the inner circle, make a conscious effort to build them. F3 is a good place to start, but any area of your life can be a good place to look.

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