Mall Walking 6

QIC:  Clothespin

Date: 10/26/2020

PAX: Fissure, Threeskin

AO: Anvil


Darn Q rucked before the beatdown and brought in the fog!


Mosey the straight to corner
Forward Fold
Willy Mayse Hayse
Mosey around corner to other straight
Little baby Arm circles forward (thumb up) 15 in cadence
Little baby Arm circles reverse (thumb down) 15 in cadence
Cherry Pickers 15 in cadence
Military Press
Mosey back to starting point

The Thang

Had to loosen up Fissures hips…

Round 1: 1 lap (after exercise)
• Merkins-20 on your own
• Baby Crunches-30 on your own hard count
• Slow Air Squats-20 on your own
• SSH-25 in cadence

Round 2: 1 lap Bernie the corners (after exercise)
• Divebombers-15 on your own
• Freddie Mercury-15 IC
• Lunges-14 on your own
• SSH-25 in cadence

Round 3: 1 lap Mall Walker (after exercise)
• Aquaman-15 on your own
• Big boy situps-20 on your own
•Gorilla Humpers 25 IC
• SSH-25 in cadence

Rounds 4: 1 lap Skip on the straights low slow shuffle the corners (after exercise)
• Magic Mayhems 20 OYO
• Pickle Pointers 20 IC
• SSH-25 in cadence

•Jane Fondas 15 each side IC


“A leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.”–Douglas MacArthur
Be the leader that steps up for your family and coworkers. Be the man to jump in the trenches with your men. Treat people as you would want to be treated!
[The “COT” aka the “CIRCLE OF TRUST” is the terminating stage of each Workout, wherein the PAX form a circle and conduct Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama and the Ball Of Man.
BALL OF MAN: Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually (but not exclusively) in the prayer that terminates the COT. Abbr: BOM]


I am the Mall Walking 6 — Fissure
This is the “Sexual round” — Clothespin
Is that what you call it at home? — Threeskin
Usually but it doesn’t last this long. — Clothespin


Battery 2 year Celebration 11-14, Beer Run 11-14, pray for our brothers that are sick and afflicted!

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