Get to know your Q: Tatonka Edition

QIC:  Tatonka

Date: 11/2/2020

PAX: Bandwagon, Oui Oui, Slim Shady, Escobar, Picabo, Blackout, Bernie, Woodrider, Shawshank, 

AO: Hacksaw


A brisk chill in the air of 36 degrees with the grass slightly damp from morning dew.


Mosey with block to grass near big flag

SSH x 10 IC

WMH x 10 IC

Forward Fold x 10 IC

Left Over Right x 10 IC

Right Over Left x 10 IC

Forward LBAC x 10 IC

Backward LBAC x 10 IC

Seal Claps x 10 IC

The Thang

Today is my birthday so I thought I would allow the PAX to learn a bit more about me through an educational exercise routine

Tatonka Fact #1: Tatonka is a Financial Advisor

  1. Bear Market – Decline Merkins x 8
  2. Bull Market – Incline Merkins x 8
  3. Small Dips in the Market – Dips on block x 8
  4. Big swings in the market – Kettle bell swings with block x 8

Tatonka Fact #2: Tatonka likes zombie movies

Zombie Survival Training Plan

  1. Find a safe room. Your buddies might be in there ready to shoot anything that comes through the door so drop to the ground quickly upon entering – Burpees x 8
  2. Barricade the door with heavy furniture – Mountain climbers x 8
  3. Get to the roof. Push your buddy up so he can pull you up – Block thrusters x 8
  4. Try to wave down help while on the roof – SSH x 8
  5. If that doesn’t work, run for it – High Knees to recover
  6. Crawl under the fence and push your supplies through ahead of you – Hip extensions x 8 each leg
  7. When all else fails, SHOOT THEM (don’t forget to double tap – Double shoulder taps x 8 IC

Tatonka Fact #3: Tatonka likes woodworking

  1. Plank x 2 minutes
  2. Table saw x 10 each leg (From crab walk position, touch hand to opposite foot while keeping butt off the ground)
  3. American Hammer with block x 10
  4. Drill and Drive with block x 10 ( With arms bent and block vertical at eye level, rotate block 90 degrees and back, then thrust straight out in front of you.)

Tatonka Fact #4: Tatonka used to play competitive paintball

  1. Off the break x 10 each side (hold block at 45 degree angle to side of body near feet and swing up and across body – this mimics coming off the start station and getting your barrel up)
  2. Snap Shooting x 10 each side (hold block straight up at eye level and lean to side while keeping feet stationary – this mimics snap shooting from behind a bunker)
  3. Wipe a hit x 10 each way (Same as Snap Shooting but pivot with arms instead of at hips, similar to a windshield wiper motion with your arms)
  4. One-for-One x 1 each arm – (Single arm block thruster, this mimics the penalty motion a referee would use to indicate a one-for-one penalty has occurred)

Tatonka Fact #5: Tatonka likes craft beer and whisky

  1. Block curls x 8
  2. Burpees x 8
  3. Down the hatch x 8 (start with elbows at 90 degrees, thrust block straight out like you are giving someone cheers, bring block back to body, then curl)
  4. Freddie Mercuries x 8 (with enough in his system, Tatonka thinks he can move, sing, and dance like Freddie Mercury)

Tatonka Fact #6: Tatonka ran the Steeplechase in college

PAX form a circle with blocks on their side in front of them. Everyone begins doing high knees. Q hurdles block and drops down to begin doing flutter kicks. Next PAX in line hurdles block and begins doing flutter kicks. This continues until last PAX in circle is doing flutter kicks. Then, Q will hop up, hurdle block and do high knees. Next PAX in line follows suit until all PAX are doing high knees. This exercise mimics the 3000m Steeplechase event in track which involves, running, hurdles, and a water pit.

Tatonka Fact #7: Tatonka likes the movie Top Gun

Q began playing the song Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. PAX performed SSH for entire 3:36 of song and performed a single squat every time the line “Danger Zone” was sung.

Tatonka Fact #8: Tatonka likes card games and board games

Q shuffled a deck of cards and flipped over a card. Each suit corresponded to a certain exercise. The value of the card indicated how many IC reps the PAX were to perform of that exercise. J= 11, Q = 12, K = 13, A = 14.

Spades = Squats

Hearts = Hips (Pickle Pointers)

Clubs = Crunches

Diamonds = Dive Bombers

PAX worked through cards until time was called.


I shared that I am not a very political person but I do understand the importance of casting a vote. Election Day is tomorrow and I stressed the importance of casting a vote, even if you don’t care for either party running. Living in a democracy that allows us to have a say in who we want to represent and lead our country is a privilege that many in the world do not share. The military memorials behind us during our workout and the giant American flag should act as a reminder of what many have given in order for us to have the privilege today. I also shared that some of my close neighbors grew up in communist Romania. They have shared stories with me that truly paint a picture of the many things a lot of us (myself included) take for granted each and every day.

We concluded with prayer.


  • In typical fashion, Picabo HC’d to the workout at 5:28 AM the morning of. He also forgot a block and scavenged a random chunk of concrete somewhere between his car and the flag pole.
  • We all now know how to break into Slim Shady’s truck
  • Group consensus is that the blonde instructor from Top Gun is no longer kind on the eyes
  • PAX are quick to determine who they would sacrifice if a real zombie apocalypse occurred
  • Patriotic Pickle Pointers looking up at a giant flag are the best kind of Pickle Pointers.
  • Picabo has been gifted a block


Beer run at Abercrombie’s farm is coming up soon. Check the slack channel for information.

Networking event is coming up soon. Check slack for details.

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