QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 11/02/2020

PAX: Abercrombie, Cold Play, Early Bird, John Doe, Lanyard, Limp Lips, Mayhem (Respect), Oil Can, Pebbles, Sidekick, Sunscreen, White Glove

AO: Beast Ridge


Disclaimer was accidentally long and drawn out. John Doe helped me to remember the part about modification (of course he did).

While I’ll never amount to anything more than 2nd-best conditions expert to F3 Chattanooga’s Gusher, I too can be informational with regard to setting the stage for the audience.

It was 36 degrees by the measurement device, although generally speaking, it “felt like 34”.

Clear skies, no dew as the dew point was well below where it would be sensible (23) for November 2nd.

Humidity at 47% which is right in line with what ENT’s would suggest is “perfect” with regard to upper respiratory issues/illnesses. Not too humid, not too dry; just right.

Wind carrying due south at a 10mph (8.6897 knots; converted) clip.

The moon phase of a waning gibbous was like a still-lit lamp at midnight giving enough but not overbearing light.

Sadly, the scales were tipped in favor of the far-sighted with a visibility at 10 miles; us near-sighted homo-sapiens were hindered in the glory of a 10-mile window of clarity without corrective lens.

An upward barometric pressure of 30.49 in made life on Earth feel remarkably pleasant and pressurized. Thanks to the creator for doing that because otherwise, we’d be dodging hot gas flames and great balls of fire from the solar system. (Quick side disclaim: I actually know the least amount of information about atmospheric pressure than any other thing in this world, so you can count on the things I just said to be only somewhat true, at-best).

The UV index boasting a 2 of 10 as the light never once crept in. This is good because I didn’t see anyone apply a pre-beatdown sweat-resistant sunblocker. Sunscreen seemed to enjoy the ‘2’ on the scale – but that speaks for itself.

No FNGs.


SSH x 15 IC
High Knees x 10 IC
Willy Mays Hays
Cotton Pi… Third Grade Exercises
Maybe something else

The Thang

Warming up was fine, but we didn’t actually feel warm afterward, so we needed to stretch our legs and actually feel warm. The warm-up needs a better name if you never actually feel warm; oh, “COP” works.
Merkin Mile with EMOM Burpee Dan’s
Run a mile, at every 1/4 mile perform 25 Merkins.
At every 1 minute interval during the run, perform 1 Burpee Dan (1 burpee : 4 lunges – easy way)

Mosey over to the field concrete steps
Stadium Step Suicides
Box Jump a step, return to start and perform an exercise until you’ve box jumped each step incrementally.
Round 1: Box Jumps / Squats (10)
Round 2: Box Jumps / Lunges (10) easy-way
Round 3: Audibled out

Mosey to swingset / playground
Pull-Ups / BBSUs

At completion, perform 10-4x4s

Mosey back to startex
Jail Break / Bear Crawl / Jail Break



Danny Akin wrote, “Christian character is not FORGED in the moment of adversity, it is REVEALED in the moment of adversity”

I’m grateful to have recently heard Laces Out teach from the book of Daniel, specifically chapter 6 – the teaching of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

There are many themes in the story, but one in particular I felt was a great lesson on employing high character and remaining faithful.

During the story and that period of time – jealousy and envy were rampant for the regional high priests and “administrators” overseeing each of the 120 regions the King broke his empire into. These administrators found Daniel to be in high favor with King Darius through his responsible nature, consistency and faith. Fueled by their jealousy and hatred of Daniel, his enemies and fellow-high priests/administrators trick the king into issuing an edict forbidding worship of any other god or man for a 30-day period as they knew how faithful Daniel was to the God of Israel.

Despite this, Daniel continues to pray daily (3x / day) and is cited for disobeying the law and must then be tossed into the den of lions.

As the story goes on, Daniel is saved by his faith, despite every effort of his contemporaries to force judgement upon him.

The men (and their King) were of very low moral standing and character. They showed inconsistency in their behavior, served themselves instead of others and then presented incredulous and unacceptable behavior on account of their jealousy. These are not qualities of high-character [Christian] people. These poor qualities are created and then revealed in difficult times.

Despite the circumstances, conversely, Daniel continued to do what he felt and knew was right. He did not change who he was, he held steadfast in his faith and continued to pray through uncertainty of the times and the situation in the den of lions as he had always done. A great example of his character and how it was second-nature for him to turn to God for guidance and help. This was not a coincidence, but rather character being revealed during the course of events that had been hardened and tested and solidified long before.


Ask John Doe what a bottle of Bed Head looks like. It might surprise you that he knows, but moreso why he knows.

Beast Ridge was tied for fourth1 AO in the region. There – we’ve set the record straight. I think

Sidekick’s progressive left-natured awareness allowed us all to move on from cotton pickers. It happened at Beast Ridge.

When I make a movie, Oil Can is going to narrate it – Aussie accents are awesome.

1 Dreadmill, Landfill, Hill City, Beast Ridge/The Griff (RIP)


Networking event upcoming, Beer Run upcoming, F3 Chattanooga 4 year anniversary upcoming. Stay tuned for all!

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