If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training

QIC:  Coldplay

Date: 11/11/2020

PAX: Threeskin, John Doe, Crawdaddy, Woodrider, WuzntMe

AO: Parliament


At first, warm and wet. Later, warmer and wetter


Quick half lap around the track followed by:

17 SSH

17 John Doe Planks (ask JD for a demonstration)

17 Forward fold

17 Third grade exercise

17 WMH

17 WuzntMe SSH (ask Wuz for a demonstration)

The Thang

The PAX then completed their lap around the track, dropping some cones along the way (about 100m apart). The PAX then got into formation to run around the track with the QIC performing cadence and singing a few jodies. The PAX did…. “adequate”. We probably completed 3 more laps.

The PAX then completed a set of exercises at each cone, moseying in-between.

Cone 1 – 1 merkin + 16 V-Ups

Cone 2 – 2 merkins + 15 V-Ups


Finished with some Mary.


QIC built the beatdown around the number 17. Recent studies have shown that 17 veterans commit suicide every day. While this number is trending downward, it still represents about 1.5 times that of civilian suicides. This is a staggering statistic that has recently hit home for the QIC.

Prayers (spoken and unspoken) for many F3 brothers.

Happy Veterans day to our F3 brothers.


John Doe has silky smooth hair which is obviously well maintained. WuzntMe has finally attended a Coldplay beatdown. Threeskin doesn’t like litter and will clean up after you. Burpees will cleanse your soul.


BEER RUN! THIS WEEKEND!!! The Battery throwdown on Saturday. 3rd F opportunities abound.

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