Murder Gorilla Bunny Humpers w/ Curled up Wonder Bra Extensions Battery 2 Year!!!

QIC:  Clothespin

Date: 11/14/2020

PAX: RugDr, Sidewinder, schnitzel, Deep Dish, Mayhem, John Doe, Tinkerbell, 9Volt, Mrs Baker, Dundee, Nordic Track, Abercrombie, Coldplay, Bubbles, Slim Shady, WuzntMe

AO: The Battery


Cool Clear perfect…..


Mosey around Greenway to Parking Area
Third Grade Exercise 15 in cadence
SSH 20 in cadence
Willy Mayse Hayse 14 in cadence
SSH 15 in cadence
Little baby Arm circles forward (thumb up) 15 in cadence
SSH 20 in cadence
Little baby Arm circles reverse (thumb down) 15 in cadence
Cherry Pickers 15 in cadence
Moroccan Night Club
Seal claps 10 in cadence

The Thang

Murder Gorilla Bunny Humpers….
Block HILL

Mosey to the top of the hill from parking lot
Get a coupon and circle up!
25 Curls
25 Squats
25 Deadlifts
25 Bent Over Rows

Line up on sidewalk and bear crawl Block pull-through to the crest of the hill
Rifle Carry Coupon to the base of the hill

Murder Gorilla Bunny humpers with curled up wonder bra extensions back to the top! (Done as 3 Murder Bunnies 5 Gorilla Humpers with 2 curled up wonder bra extensions) (Curled up wonder bra extensions- start with block on the ground, lift block to waist and curl it to 90 degrees, stretch block straight out then back to your body, straight up with a triceps extension at the top and the back to the ground)

Leave Coupons at the top of the hill
mosey down to bleachers
11s with dips and decline merkins

5 poles
SSH IC Slow Side Shuffle
TO Pavilion for 1 minute plank Mary.
Back to flags for COT


Seeing all the guys out fires me up!! It was awesome to see Rug Dr. and Sidewinder back out with us. Now is the time to stand up and be men. Ephesians talks about putting on the full armor of God. We need to do that and let things that don’t mean anything pass us by.


This is going to take forever… -Coldplay- As I was explaining the hill workout.
The Murder Gorilla Bunny Humper with Curled up Wonder Bra Extensions sucked!!!
There were a few things I had planned that we didn’t get to do I will use them some other time.


Thanksgiving convergence, Pray for ELChapo

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