Chattanooga AO’s – We Honor YOU


Date: 11/20/2020

PAX: Sousa, Tatonka, Shawshank, Coldplay, Abercrombie, Blackout, Cavity Search

AO: Parliament


It’s going to be much colder in coming weeks. No complaints yet… the 39 degree weather only seemed cold before the opening mosey. You only get cold once, and that ended fast.


Mosey from parking lot to most well lit lot in front of OHS

WMH x10 IC

SSH x20 IC

Forward Fold x8 IC

Third Grade x10 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles x15 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles Reverse x15 IC

Overhead Press x15 IC

The Thang

Today, we showed up and took a beatdown for our Chattanooga brothers, as a reminder that we are all in it together. At all times. We don’t show up for ourselves, but for the man next to us. Proud of all men who rise for the occasion in the gloom each day. It’s always a date we can count on!

Pour One Out For Your Homies

PAX performed exercises for each Chattanooga AO

BEAST RIDGE – Imperial Walkers x20 IC, Squats x30 OYO

LIONS DEN – Plank Punches x30 IC, Plank hold until recover

CONVOY – Two Foot Lateral Bound x20 OYO, Squat Jumps x30

ANVIL – Supermans, 20 Big Bois OYO

HACKSAW – Burpees x10 OYO, Merkins x30 OYO

DETENTION – Plank Jacks x30 IC, Carolina Dry Docks x20 OYO

SHOT HOUSE – Forward Lunges x20 OYO, Reverse Lunges x20 OYO

PARLIAMENT – Sprint across parking lot and Sprint back

THE HUEY – Flutter kicks x25 IC, Twisted Scissors x25 IC

SMACKDOWN – 6 inches until recover, LBC’s x40 OYO

BONEYARD – Hello Dolly’s x30 IC, Leg Raises x20 OYO

BATTERY – Monkey Humpers x30 OYO, Squat Jumps x30 OYO

HILL CITY – Mountain Climbers x40 OYO, High Knees until recover

BATTLEFIELD – Alternating Bear Crawl. PAX bear crawls forward when Q says “attack”, PAX bear crawls in reverse when Q says “retreat”

LANDFILL – 30 Wide Merkins OYO, 10 Diamond Merkins OYO

RIDGECUT – Alternating High Plank/Low Plank (positions change as Q says “switch”), 20 Peter Parkers OYO

LEGACY – our group had 5 minutes remaining, and Sousa was present. Although this AO is unofficial until 12/24, I called on our man Sousa to choose the last two exercises while I counted the cadence. Aquamans x30 IC, Crab Cakes x20 OYO

For our final one minute and thirty seconds, we got on our six and finished with the Twisted Scissors until time


We show up for the man next to us. Because iron sharpens iron. F3 is bigger than any individual. All teams are bigger than any one player, as all beatdowns are bigger than any one HIM, as God is bigger than his body of followers. Simply, we used our beatdown today to remind us of this.


Crab Cakes are something to get used to… I need more practice, and form is key. The Battery’s first exercise today was the Monkey Humper…. because that’s Clothespin’s main jam… and because Abercrombie is proud of this.


There are always announcements… and they are ALL important. Always. The one that I want to promote the most from this session is Toys for Tots. It’s a heartbreaker to think that any child would receive no toy on Christmas from Santa Claus. Let’s make a DIFFERENCE on this…. please donate some toys if you can!! WE CAN!!

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