*One Thankful Q and 200 Solemn Block Swings

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 12/01/2020

PAX: Afterbirth, Bumblebee, Coypu, Friday, Gusher, Hambone, Jenny Craig, Joanna, Mansiere, Natty Light, Recycle, Snow Patrol, Tonka, Whittler

AO: Smackdown


28 with light precipitation. That was enough degrees for 15 to appear at Smackdown; many of those were more than 5 minutes early.

One was multiples of 5 early and his pre-F3 laps around the track appeared to be effortless; so much so; that even several others joined in on that fun.,;..<

Of the 15 that did show, there was one who was not there. He who shall not be mentioned further. In case you were wondering who he is, here’s a hint; his name does not appear in the PAX line above. Start there and work backwards. Or as Dr. Stephen Covey coined with his phrase, “Begin with the end in mind”.;

The cloudburst of precipitation is only explained by the snow rituals my children perform when even the slightest flake falls from the heavens. There are some who might suggest that these false rituals are a display of the devil’s hand; I prefer to blame it on their 1/32nd (~3%) genetic makeup of indigenous people. The genetics manifest themselves in interesting forms, don’t they? For example, neither of my children make meatballs nor bedeck themselves with gold jewelry;;; yet they’re 50% Italian AT A MINIMUM!??!! I’m incredulous to this fact.

For those interested; the rituals (in no particular order);;;.:;:;
1) Place a silver spoon under the pillow next to the pillow you intend to lay your head
2) Turn your bedroom apparel ensemble inside out prior to evening retirement
3) Flush ice cubes down the toilet; how many ice cubes? — my children believe the more you flush the more snow there will be; be careful if you’re home is plumbed with an advanced septic system; henceforth and therefore – Precipitation!!


Off the cuff and quickly counted for the exacerbation of bloodflow

SSH x 20 (speed count at the half) IC
High Knees x 12ish IC
Forward Fold to silent count to allow for mind-clearing breathing work
Hamstring stretch/pull; R/L
Windmills x 10 IC
SSH x 10 IC

Split the group into two lines for an indigenous peoples run (in honour of my offspring and pay our respects to the real ones who came before us)

The Thang

On the track, facing the field, the PAX aligned and adhered to distancing guidelines as prescribed by the scientists who know everything about this pandemic yet the most important thing; how to get rid of it entirely. Not bitter; just cold.
Block swings serve as the anchor point of suckitude throughout the entire workout’s revolutions because; as with many things, it’s nice to have some consistency mixed in with change. Block swings; ;do not change.

5 Block Swings
5 Called Exercise (CE)
10 Block Swings
10 CE
15 Block Swings
15 CE
20 Block Swings
20 CE
10 Burpees
Bear Crawl 15 yards; Lunge 15 yards; Return to Starting point
That’s one round.

The called exercises that we got to:
1) Hand Release Merkins
2) Goblet Squats
3) Alpos
** Broke up the monotony with another indigenous run. 3 ten-counts and back to it
4) Curls

Flutter Kicks IC
Pretzel IC


Ecclesiastes 4:10
“If either of them falls down,
    one can help the other up.
But pity anyone who falls
    and has no one to help them up.”

My 6 year anniversary in F3 was this past Saturday. To celebrate? I bowed out of my Q at Convoy. I don’t have any great joke to tell or funny story as to why. The truth is I failed to realize I was on Q until I saw the message on slack stating such; I was unprepared. I reached out to Burrito to inform him of such and he coordinated a fitting alternate; to whom I believe helped me as I fell. This two-man network, summed up the verse above perfectly and provides a clear illustration and embodiment of my experience with F3.

There’s no mishap or uniqueness here, it is not germane to only this one situation; this system of fellowship and accountability is working exactly as intended. F3 has been a cornerstone of my life for the past several years. It is that for the very reason of what Hambone did for me on Saturday, and will likely do again for another in due time. This is likely because of what has been done on his behalf or FOR him.

As men continue to F3, they begin to realize that where they may have once come to F3 to better themselves, over time, there’s a seemingly surreptitious shift away from self-improvement and the mission becomes the benificence of others. Real great groupa guys here. I never fear a time when I fall and no one is there to help me up. That will never be a worry again in my lifetime. Here’s to 6 plus 60 more years!


200 block swings sounded like a good idea at the time; on second thought?

Apparently the battle for the Cy-Hawk trophy is a deeper-seated rivalry than some of the more well-known rivalries; e.g. Auburn-Alabama, Red Sox-Yankees, Duke-North Carolina. Were you to mistake an Iowa State fan for an Iowa fan – he may never trust you again – he may never return to F3 – he might try to harm you. Send chocolates and flowers, if only you’re empathetic enough.

It was quiet this morning; but why? Like the age-old question of how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop — the world may never know.

Pre-F3 laps in the winter create fellowship opportunities you didn’t know could happen – and you warm-up. Skip this if you don’t like a win-win.

2:35am texts are the best kind of preparation for your COT

Long live 90’s rock playlists and *Ben Folds for his masterful abilities


#Heritage launch, Toys for Tots, Jenny Craig on Q Thursday

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