1 Year of Coldplay’s BS

QIC:  Coldplay

Date: 12/4/2020

PAX: Clothespin, Vaccine, Oui Oui, Bandwagon, M.I.A., Uncle Joe, Toe Jelly, Toe Tag, WuzntMe, Escobar, SeaGull, Sex Wax, Snow Patrol, Picabo, Go Blue, Mayhem, Bernie

AO: Hacksaw


Surprisingly warm-ish considering the week we’ve had. Rain was threatening, but never happened


Mosey to flag pole for all the standard warm-up activities. Ended with a set of 21’s, but the QIC couldn’t count. Penalty burpees ensued.

The Thang

Mosey to the pavilion behind the Collegedale police station. Performed step-ups on the picnic tables to AD/DC’s rock anthem “Thunderstruck” with a deep squat on the word “Thunder”.

Mosey to the Commons pavilion where someone had decorated with lights and placed X’s on the pavement for perfect social distancing.

Performed 1 round of Tabata workout (30 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest). 12 rounds, 8 minutes.

Mosey around parking lot.

Performed 1 round of Sally to everyone’s “enjoyment”.

Mosey around parking lot.

Performed Mary to time, PAX led.

Attempted another set of 21’s. Penalty burpees ensued.


Today marked 1 year of F3 for the QIC. Very thankful for the F3 brotherhood and support. Obviously, Proverbs 27:17 applied here; “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.” Here’s to another year of getting sharper.


Bandwagon wanted a 2nd chance at 21’s, but the results were the same. We probably need to make this a staple until we can consistently count to 21.


Toys for Tots drive in full swing with 1 week left.

Blanket drive for Chubby’s.

Happy Hour next Friday

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