(draft) Detention 12/8

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 12/09/2020

PAX: Dundee, Gretel, U-turn, Blue, Ponce de Leon, Cleaver

AO: Detention


Very cold (27). See below.


A lap or two around the track. Stop at each corner and do some warm up exercises.


Forward Fold

Arm Stretches

Back Stretches

The Thang

We had to modify the workout because the blocks were so cold everyone’s hands were going numb. Lesson learned: We need warmer gloves, and less block time when it is this cold.

Instead we ran around the area and did whatever came to my mind.

Rifle Carry Dora’s

Can be done in groups of 3 or 4. Pax (A and B) on each end will do an exercise that is counted cumulative with the group. Pax C (and D) will Rifle Carry between A and B. They will hand off count and resume the exercise they were doing.
Rifle Doras
Group A

Curls – 300

Overhead Press – 300

Arm Extension – 300

Bent over row – 300


Group B

Squats (with coupon) – 300

Hammers – 300

Toe Merkins (with coupon) – 300

BBS – 300


Herman Cain is well known as a presidential candidate, and as the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. One of the more interesting stories of his career was in how he transitioned from VP of Operations into the role of CEO. He had a corner office on the top floor of an office building in downtown as VP of Operations. Many people would dream of reaching this position. His problem was he had no direct operations experience that would allow him to step up to the next level. He decided to resign as VP of Operations and begin as an Assistant Manager at a chain restaurant. He eventually made it to CEO, as we all know. Imagine the courage it took for him to take that step? His drive to achieve his goals and dreams allowed him to see past the fears we would all face in a situation like this. What fear is standing between you and your goals and dreams? Is it worth facing your fears in order to achieve your goals, or are they not important enough for you?

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