The Twelve Day of F3 Christmas with Blocks

QIC:  Blackout

Date: 12/10/2020

PAX: Mrs. Baker, Clothespin, Abercrombie, Deep Dish, WuzntMe, 9-Volt

AO: The Battery


Much warmer than the rest of the week, which isn’t saying much because it was still 36 degrees. Winter is here to stay my friends.


Mosey lap around dog park and up the hill to pool area

  • Forward Fold – silent count (around 15 seconds)
  • Willie Mayes Hayes x10
  • Arm Circles x10
  • Reverse Arm Circles x10
  • Seal Claps x20
  • Moroccan Nightclubs x15
  • Forward Fold – silent count (so relaxing the first time that we did it again)
  • SSH x20

PAX moseyed to block stack to get a coupon for The Thang

The Thang

The beatdown consisted of 12 different exercises done to the idea of the 12 Days of Christmas song. We began with 1 and then worked our way to 2,1 and then 3,2,1 etc. all the way to 12. We ran out of time at the end so we only got to do the 12 exercise and didn’t get to do 11-1 on the last round. After (or before because Q lost count) each thrid day (3,6,9), we had some fun and moseyed down the hill for some exercises at the bottom before moseying our way back up. All exercises were done with blocks except lunges.

  • DAY ONE: Manmaker, or Blockee, whichever you prefer to call it (OYO)
  • DAY TWO: Big Boy Sit-ups (in cadence)
  • DAY THREE: Tricep Extensions (in cadence)
  • DAY FOUR: Lunges (in cadence)
  • DAY FIVE: Thrusters (in cadence)
  • DAY SIX: Incline Merkins (in cadence)
  • DAY SEVEN: Curls for the girls (in cadence)
  • DAY EIGHT: Dips on block (OYO)
  • DAY NINE: Flutter Kicks (in cadence)
  • DAY TEN: Shoulder Presses (OYO)
  • DAY ELEVEN: Goblet Squats (OYO)
  • DAY TWELVE: Burpees (OYO)

After Day 3, we moseyed down the hill and did 3 burpees before moseying back up. After Day 5, we moseyed down the hill to the track around dog park. Did 1 burpee at each light pole for 6 burpees and then turned around and moseyed back up the hill. After Day 9, we moseyed down the hill and did 9 squats before moseying back up.


Spoke a bit about the COVID-19 pandemic and the things I am thankful for in the midst of the hardships and devastation that the pandemic has had to offer. On the list of those things include being able to spend more time with my family and kids especially. Also, I would have likely never found F3, much like the Tatonka story on Wednesday, if it wasn’t for the pandemic. John Doe EH’ed me for several months and I kept telling him no. I had a routine where I would go to the gym in the mornings. With COVID, the gym closed, so John Doe finally talked me into towards the end of May 2020. I am so thankful for all the men in F3 and the experience it has provided me. It is truly a life changing organization and it is a privilege’s and honor to be a part of it with all of you wonderful men.


Q accidentally called Clothespin Coldplay. Led to jokes about the picture of the arms with Coldplay’s face posted on Slack in which many PAX experienced uncontrollable laughter.

Q was reminded a couple of times that just because AO has a hill, that doesn’t mean it has to be used.

Workout was supposed to have moseys after the third, sixth and ninth days. Lost count after five. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Deep Dish’s lack of ability to count past five. On that note, we added some “5” counts instead of “10” counts just for Deep Dish.


Toys for Tots drive ends tomorrow 12/11/2020. Make sure to get these in ASAP!

2nd F event at Mash and Hops 4:00 Friday; lunch with El Chapo at noon on Friday as well

Clothespin Q at Hacksaw Friday fill in for Mayhem

3rd F opportunities Tuesdays for rest of year. Moving to once a month in 2021 on Thursdays. Reach out to John Doe if interested.

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