QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 12/12/2020

PAX: Dundee, Gusher, Joanna, John Doe (and Scout!), Jorts, Mansiere, Pound Dog, Recycle, Snow Patrol

AO: Convoy


1) AQI was 91 or 19; who knows why? Clouds?
2) 40-ish degrees
3) Anticipation of block carrying index was 98; again, why? Because there were blocks present?
4) Expectation of PAX index was exceeded; more showed than HC’d. That’s great ROI and “value prop”
5) Disclaimer Index was 0; if a negative value was possible – it would be applied here. YHC needs to spend more time in the legal jargon of things – the fumbling is embarrassing and unnecessary.


The usual suspects that you’d…. suspect were there.
High Planking
More SSHs
If there was another warm up exercise, it was ~12 reps as it was the twelfth day of Diciembre (that’s the equivalent of December in some latin-oriented languages)

The Thang

Intentionally made more difficult than necessary because YHC knew that YHC would be there and he was owed a real snotwoggler.

Pair up with a partner; let’s be clear two men equal a pair. Each round partner pax 1 does reps of three exercises (to the tune of a # of reps / exercises). Once those three exercises are done, then starts the accumulation of reps between you and your partner for the fourth (called) exercise. Partner pax 2 runs a lap around the 400m track, meanwhile.

Staple exercises; Merkins, Block Curls, Block Shoulder Press

R1: 25-25-25- Burpees (100 cumulative)
R2: 20-20-20- Windshield Wipers (100 cumulative)
R3: 15-15-15- John McCains (100 cumulative)

That’s it – intentionally monotonous and easy to remember


Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.

I asked Gusher to provide some context for a COT theme of pride and humility. He delivered. I couldn’t replicate what he texted me in reply in the COT, so I tossed it over to him. Why the theme of pride/disgrace/humility? Earlier last week, I acted very prideful in a situation and was shown humility through my lack of awareness. Had I just sat back, let the situation unfold and kept myself in check, the whole thing would have come to pass. The lesson learned through that situation (and Gusher’s tactful delivery of the word) was that the only real shame would be to not recognize the wrong in my actions; in that, being too prideful to own the wrong. But, without pride, there is no humility and thus no wisdom. We must learn from our actions, own up to the wrongfulness and get better through humility and wisdom. Thanks Gush.


The twelve days of Christmas technically starts on Christmas; as such, I motion that the “12 days of Christmas” workouts should also have delay until after Christmas. I have done two so far. It’s like eating the sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving before trying the turkey. If it’s not time, it’s not time. Control yourselves. It’s like decorating your house for Christmas after Halloween; now, that’s scary!

Pie Rankings are difficult, but Chocolate cake in any pie/cake discussion is the default winner. For this discussion to have any traction, the understanding that Chocolate cake reigns supreme is a necessary baseline.

The elusive Convoy AOQ happened again; we were all so lost. So many questions and question marks!

John Doe is a beast; shows up for Convoy and leaves to go to Landfill before COT to make it to two beat downs in one day. #King

The real winner today was Scout who protected us on our laps from the mystical evil Troll under the bleachers like a boss, and such.


Toys for Tots wraps up 12/14 @ Lions Den (see what I did there?)

Smackdown/Convoy Holiday Happy Hour at Pruitt’s patio on 12/18

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