Metal Christmas Music — I Love It!

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 12/15/2020

PAX: V-Squared, Dolly, Sunburn (Respect), and Brain Fart

AO: Boneyard


It was chilly. Cold enough for an extra layer, but it was warm enough for the top layer to be shed fairly quickly. No real fog or humidity to speak of.


SSH x25 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Willie Mays Hays x15 IC
High Knees x15 IC
Forward Fold OYO

The Thang

V-Squared seemed to have coined the term Youra this morning. In my efforts to communicate the plan for exercises by saying, “it’s much like a Dora. but not really because you do a lot on your own.” Youra was born. Thanks V!
500 reps total. Running to a chosen light pole every 25 reps of each set of 100.
Overhead Claps
Toe Merkins
Mosey to the wall and hill.
10 Dips at bottom
BearCrawl to the Top and complete 1 Squat
Mosey back down.
Rinse and repeat until time got us. Mosey back to the flag.


Standard 7.42 of the Tennessee State Standards cover Thomas Aquinas and Humanism. As I was developing some curriculum materials along with F3 — Petrino yesterday, we discussed how much the idea of Humanism had changed compared to the original writings of the guy that proposed it.
There is a school in Florida that “rolls” out the atheletes from year to year. The school is Saint Thomas Aquinas, yes, SAINT Thomas Aquinas.
Thomas Aquinas was a theologian AND philosopher. He deveoted his life to educating people both in (pastoral) and rational (intellectual). He believed strongly in his Christian faith. His teachings have stood the test of time; because, he proposed ways in which faith and rationale live in harmony.
At times, faith becomes so mystified, some are either turned away from or cannot understand it. Philosophy, at times, opens the door for such self-serving purposes that it also turns people away or causes us to make poor decisions.
Aquinas taught that these worked together in that our faith helps us learn, fill in the gaps of which rationale simply can’t, and prevent future mistakes often resulting from a pure dependence on rationale. On the other hand, he taught that philosophy can help us understand the world around us better, and it helps to demystify faith in such a way that the human brain can actually understand.
Should you search Humanism on Google today, chances are you would not find the type of Humanism in which Aquinas devoted so much of his life’s work toward. A search now seems to yield articles connecting atheism and Humanism as one in the same, or to be a Humanist one must be an atheist. Why? The guy that proposed this would have completely disagreed!
What can we learn from these articles that seem to be in abundance on Google and Aquinas’ teachings? The human element in which Aquinas did not account for: selfishness had most successfully bastardized the original intent and philosophy of Humanism.
The challenge is this: please do not be those that turn to the self-serving purposes of the world and take an ideal, moral, or ethic and change it for the worse. Change is great, but change does not mean sacrificing ones morals, convictions, and beliefs.



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