Have a Funky Little Christmas

QIC:  9 Volt

Date: 12/15/20

PAX: Abercrombie, Deep Dish, Clothespin, MaYhem,

AO: The Battery


A distinctly seasonal flavor thanks to the presence of orange peel, juniper berries, ginger root, cardamom and cloves. Nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon are notable flavors. Honey is also featured in the fermentation process. A caramel malt flavor and spices define this Ale.


Mosey to the top of Mount Evil and grab two bricks from the pile.

Nothing says Christmas quite like James Brown so the Q played “James Brown’s Funky Christmas” Album
** For you Millennials, An album is a group of songs that you buy all at once only to discover that most of them suck

1. SSH IC X 20 (With bricks)
2. Baby Arm Circles (With bricks)
Fwd IC X 10
Rev IC X 10
3. Seal Clap
Fwd IC x 10
Overhead IC x 10
4. SSH IC X 15 (No bricks)
5. Forward Fold IC x 10
6. Ab Vagoda IC x 10 (With bricks, because some jackass had to ask)
7. Slow Merkins IC x 10
***10 penalty burpees because Deepdish broke a brick (Damit Deepdish)

The Thang

The PAX starts on curb next to the pool & performs exercise labeled Haaaaah!
Then run to the opposite side of the parking lot and begin the exercise labeled Good God!, but don’t start counting until the six joins the group.

Haaaah!Count Good God!Count
Plank Jack20Squat20
Peter Parker15Imp Walker15
Front raise (Brick)20Bonnie Blair10
Merkin10High Knees10
Mt. Climber10Calf Raise30
Inch Worm (Brick)Lunge
Carolina Dry Dock10Sit Ups15
100’s10Box Cutter10
American Hammer10Dive Bomber10
Freddie Merc10Flutter Kick10


Words of wisdom

Christmas sweaters are best purchased in July
Hide your sweater from your wife or it will dissapear


Why does somebody always ask if it’s four count?

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