12 Days of Detention

QIC: Blue

Date: 12-16-20

PAX: Dundee, Nordic Track, Sherlock, U-turn

AO: Detention


40ish degrees and MOIST!!!!


  • Lots of stretching, whole body
  • Ssh
  • Shoulder Blasters

The Thang

12 Days of Christmas, do first exercise, run to the top of the hill towards the back of the concession stand parking lot. Come back, do first exercise then second exercise, run hill. Add exercise after each run. All exercises are 10 reps unless otherwise noted.

  • Manmaker
  • Ballerina Squat
  • Dips w/ coupon
  • Captain Thor
  • Merkin
  • Imperial Walker (hard count)
  • Monkey Humper (slow)
  • Curls x 20
  • Dive Bomber
  • Box Cutter
  • Calf Raise x 20
  • Navy Seal


In today’s society/culture we are too quick to label one another by our sexual preference, the color of our skin, our job, how much money we make, etc. Or we are labeled by the most notable SIN or faux-pa we’ve made. Try to start seeing one another as a child of God, or at least a human being, not by a label.


Definitely a beatdown, no pax made it pst Day 6. The Hill which will be named sooner or later is brutal after multiple times running it. All PAX were glad to see one another. Good times were had all around.